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Intolleranza ai lieviti

Yeast Intolerance

Intolerance to yeast: yeast, as well as molds, are tasty nutritious for intestinal candida. The problem of the candida is extremely widespread which balancing and parasite of the human intestinal system, both male and female. Yeasts are, however, foods, that it seems to do well – if we are not always intolerant – but if we do not abuse too much.

Although rich of vitamins of B complex and selenium,  the food yeasts are the first in which the vast majority of people are intolerant. One of the main reasons why we are more intolerant just to the yeasts is that in an industrialized society like ours we make too much abuse. We find them in practically almost in  every dish, snack, pizza, bread, etc …

A comprehensive description of the candida  and the role of yeast as intolerant agents  food  for excellence we can find it  in the book of dr. Luigi Di Vaia  Food intolerances, I eat, therefore I am, the five secrets of Zen, and Daphne Lab.

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