Who we are

DAPHNE LAB ® is an internationally recognized brand and is present in over eighty countries around the world.
Specialized in third generation BioMetaTest with some proprietary patents unique in the world, the laboratory has unique technologies for the analysis of Bio food intolerances with over 600 foods, mineralograms, intestinal dysbiosis test, vitamin test, metabolites and over 40 types of tests, diets, consultancy services, structured through a widespread network of professional Daphne Points.
BioMetaTests are highly specialized non-invasive BioTests that have received a pilot study report from the AIAS-ASL which attests 94% repeatability.
A great success of recognition from an Accredited Health Authority that no other laboratory with similar systems has achieved. Thousands of tests per year, a Quality management compliant with ISO 9001 standards, respecting the environment through compliance with ISO 14001 standards and respecting EcoElia EcoBioEtici standards.
Only in Italy Daphne Lab boasts a network of over 1500 Daphne Points, which is constantly growing in the rest of the world: Europe, Canada, Israel, the United States, Russia, etc.
Daphne Lab, in some European countries, also performs genetic testing services such as the innovative Elgenetix nutrigenetics tests and advanced training services for doctors and specialists in the field of natural medicine.