Training and educational courses

Daphne Lab has always been attentive to the training of its team, both through internal courses and internships for its scientific staff and for the Daphne Points, a network of internationally distributed professionals, experts in the sale of BioMetaTests and DNA tests.
The training courses are, for the most part, personalized and designed according to the client’s needs. Some are held via distance education, others via classroom training and others include practical training with exercises and interpretations of Biometatests and training on the naturopathic medicine.
A series of training and educational courses that help to learn and sell better the Daphne Lab services and products and allow to achieve a professionalism and quality that are the basis of Daphne Lab laboratories at international level. At the end of each course, the candidate receives appropriate participation certificates that are valid also as a qualification to increase their credibility within the Naturopathic Registry and appropriate authorizations to perform, as an expert, methodologies and protocols developed by DaphneLab over the years.