The Method of BioMetaTest

The  Bio Test is so named  because it uses a particular substance, called Metasubstance, that is able to amplify the background signal of the biological  sample( hair, fur ,or salivary buffer) to be analyzed.

This is a compound highly saline, submitted an a thermodynamic process; the processing of the starting substance ,and the several steps made at different temperatures, in intermediate steps, confer to the Metasubstance the capacity to amplify the background signal of a biological tissue( hair or salivary buffer) immersed in the test tube. It behaves as a magnifying glass able to amplify the weak background signal of the tissue (hair or salivary buffer) by an electronic contact with it. Without Metasubstance the subject’s tissue to be analyzed would practically result invisible to the machines and the analysis’s error would be very high.

To remedy to this  problem they are adopted several precautions , of chemical,  technical and mathematical- software nature.

The first difficulty to get over  was to make the signal more reliable as possible; current systems of frequency analyses, such as the devices of bio-resonance according to Vega or Voll  bioenergetics method, over to be simple  detectors of milliamperes, use a signal of flattened nature, that is represented only two Cartesian axes: x, y . Entrusting us to the insights of Prof. Palmieri on the one-gravitational physic and to  some  interesting works on the gravitational waves ,conducted by physicists of Padova ’s University,  we were able to develop a system that sends and receives waves in 4-dimensions, that  representing  in x, y, z, t.  The x, y, z, are the characteristic spatial axes, while the fourth axe (that is no representable in a graphic way, but only in a mathematical way)is the time axe t. In this way we reached  a greater verisimilitude with the tissue that we analyze.

In nature, indeed, it is absolutely not real to find biologic signals that are in only two dimensions ,x-y. The all universe is in four dimension, it is a space that changes in time. Every kind of object in the universe, is always a body with a mass in a volumetric space in three dimensions  that gets to be old in time(t axe). Only in theory and for simplicity, physical books report signals as flattened, but in nature to analyze  a biological tissue with a flattened signal,  is as  I want to caress the shadows of a puppy mistaking it for a real dog. The shadows is just of  two – dimensional projection of a real animal that  in reality it  has a lot of dimensions.

Solved this difficulty, it remained to solve the problem of  signal’s  amplification. The biologic waves, although 4-dimensional, remained any way of very low intensity and a little perceptible; sending the frequency of a food, for example the  ‘apple’, to a biological tissue, the answer signal was so low that it was easy to fall in error of  the intolerance’s  verification ( bioenergetics disturbance’s field) . We had to use a kind of ‘magnifying glass’. This glass was offered  us by some  operational  amplifiers included in similar circuits to squids, used by Padova’s  University to pick up gravitational waves coming from other galaxies.

But this was not enough to solve the problem. The question was of chemical nature. It was not only electronics.

Only the Metasubstance, all Italian  patent, was very useful to raise up the signal’s level of answer without deforming  it, and without altering  it in any way.

If the hair, or another biological  tissue, is inserted into the  Metasubstance, its signal is amplified  without  points of deformation by system-machine; a logarithm tracks the rest. The  absolute new of BioMetaTests’s system, is just in the metasubstance and into the analysis’s mechanism of four dimensions ’s system (further patent).

To stabilize data  by a calculation process, we relied to a potent software of management, that analyzes and filters data at several levels of compatibility with data supplied by customer in the appropriate form 62 of analysis request.

The software is able to extrapolate several variables, because compares several analytical  factors  of laboratory. Every measure is repeated for five times and gets the  final result  of the geometric media of these values. If the waste between a measure and  another is too much wide  the software orders to process  a new measure on that element which results ‘doubt’. Some values are then crossed to obtain a best calibration: for example, if we are intolerant to the alcohols  group, all the alcohols are  encoded in series, then it is measured  the value of the liver’s answer, it is combined with fructose’s value  that is hydrolyzed at hepatic level, and we investigate if bile has a good functional answer, ecc…

Why all these crossed controls? A good Holistic Test has to see the patient and the analytical report from many points of view, it compares ,  weighs , and overlaps them. If there are a lot of organs and enzymes linked to the digestive process of the  alcohols  that don’t work good, then the race of alcohols intolerance  is a little increased. If we are talking about a 20 years old guy, with all organs and enzymatic metabolites in perfect order, the race of intolerance gets down. This algorithm  of compensation is very important, because, if we measure the percentage of the intolerance naked and raw, it would result distorted at a first investigation,  especially  if the biological system is affected  by disturbing  information (medicines, toxins, foods, stress, lives style, ecc …).These noises of background disturb the analysis and would observe some so-called ‘ masked intolerance’. To overcome this problem it was not enough only the Metasubstance, and also the method of the fourth-dimension, we have  to recur to a careful  planning of a strong mathematical- software  that codes  and filters all data that we can find from a little piece of biological tissue.

This software is controlled by a powerful fuzzy logic mathematical model  , for security  reasons all the models and equations  are hold still reserved  because is not possible to patented mathematical formulas and the heart of the entire  development process is made up by foreign societies.

The hair or the salivary buffer are tissues more easy to send, not degradable, they stratify all the food  information of the last months of life, differently from blood that  is very instable because it reports very recent information. A test on the blood is influenced by what you eat the evening before or by the coffee gotten a second before the sampling. Instead, the hair  for example, is a stable  and long last tissue, a little as a rock sediment or trees rings. In it we can read a lot of information that otherwise they would be false or hide.

With the  Daphne BioMetaTest’s  system, many of old  technical problems of bio-frequency machine were been almost resolved. We remedied to the problem of the flat waves filtering  four dimension waves so to obtain a true holistic  test that considers  many points of view during the sampling thanks to its ponderous basic mathematical model.

The procedure is very easy: the costumer collects a tuft of hair , fills out  the form 62 and sends all to the laboratories. The scanner center  sends all data to the central laboratory that in few days gives back the required BioTest.  The range of reference and the valuations change by subject to subject. This is not the usual test, many people ask why it  doesn’t  exist a threshold over which all people are intolerant.  Simply because everyone has own threshold. The BioMetaTest doesn’t  standardize as a classic laboratory  test would make on the control of the cholesterol.  A subject can be tall, white race, thin, diabetic, and stressed while another one short, fat, east race, nervous, and with a duodenal ulcer. The two subject are very different between them. They will have two different  thresholds of intolerance’s risk.

Another  special advantage of  Daphne  BioMetaTest is that the parameters  of intolerance can also have negative values and more they are negative more the food is “therapeutic” for the subject. This is a big news in the ambit of this investigation. Till today, indeed, the tests are reported to some of values  from 0 to 100% of intolerance, nobody never introduced the concept of  negative percentage. This was been possible thanks to the  four-dimensional characteristic of the waves, just like that it is possible to obtain some results in % also negative. It is not possible to reveal this phenomenon with others systems in millivolts Voll’s kind. Once that the system analyzed and made stable all the values, we go on to the print in graphic , dynamic, personalized and endearing  format.

The BioMetaTest of Daphne laboratories are defined of Third Generation. The first generation was developed by Artur Coca in the ’40s, it analyzed by the wrist’s listening the food intolerances, a test of kinesiology nature that today is perfected with the O-ring. The Tests of the second generation are those in which there is  an electronic instrument  between the subject and operator, but there is always necessary the subject and the operator. The third generation is when we delete also the disturbing factors of the subject, analyzing only one  sample , and  of the operator who becomes a technician, the rest is due to the evolution of the mathematical model based on years of BioTest  and hundreds of thousands of results.

Studies conduct by Entity of Italian search , concluded that the  Daphne BioMetaTest  reenters in a percentage of repeatability of the results of the 94% on about 2500 repetitions.

It is possible to make the download in PDF format some examples of  Daphne BioMetaTests visiting the internet website , where there is possible to download all the info also in “legal notes” that define  the details of the BioMetaTest’s nature of bioenergy kinds ( defined also by the UNI 11491:2013 sec. C5 norm).

The Metasubstace was produced in the early ’90s. For a long time it remained unused until a conference in Alexandria, from there it created the section of Daphne who later became a laboratory that in a few years developed a patented method to use the enhanced substance for frequencies ‘s analysis in 4D. Without Metasubstance only operational electronic circuits would not be able to amplify the signal of the 4D biological tissue, which would have remained so weak  to affect the accuracy of each test.
Still  today the other devices use  flattened  signals in electronic format, test vials or magnetic systems. The Daphne Lab created a new Generation of BioMetaTest: efficient, functional and with a technology highly superior to the other.
To Pass from a spectrum of flat waves to 4D waves and to  melt this technology with Metasubstance it was a research that enabled us to reach a new level of knowledge of biology. During those years, 1995-2001, we founded a new science: the Biology of the Deep. A science that conceives the human being from its more chemical and embryonic levels  to those higher and intimate.

From the investigation of  the Biology  of the Deep we discovered that the pathological frequency of the intolerances and disturbance’s  fields  was stored in the cell membrane of every tissue. Because  every cell membrane behaves as a double-layer chemical spherical capacitor, we observed that, more cells were involved in the process of disturbance frequency, more the intolerance was widespread and acute at the biological level. From here it was studied a series of equations on the capacitors in parallel and in series to determine the charge’s density of the membrane and so the percentage depth of the disturbance’s frequency. The Daphne BioMetaTest  allows the capture  a density of cells with the same disturbance frequency archived in the membrane. This archived frequency is in 4D format and it  can be detected only by a chemical amplifier such as the Metasubstance.