The intestinal dysbiosis

When we talk about intestinal dysbiosis, more than a true disease,  a syndrome or a picture of alterations, we are talking about an intestinal disorder, a functional disorganization of intestinal mechanisms  more delicate: we go from the simple act of wrong chewing to the difficult digestion,  from the dysbiotic bacterial flora’s condition, to the slaughter of the intestinal immunity system, from the enzymatic picture  not efficient to an increase of the resident intestinal toxins in the colon, etc.

A test for intestinal dysbiosis

The Thema 06 of intestinal dysbiosis is one of BioMetaTest more request in the world, for completeness of data, analysis, details on several organic intestinal panels, criticality and areas of intervention, concentration of the amine toxic, levels of intestinal enzymes, situation of the intestinal immunity system and many other indexes that analyze the delicate balance of our intestine and explore of the long digestive process on the large area of ​​300 squares meters that is our intestine.

The intestinal dysbiosis is often confused with the intestinal infections by candida, or diseases such as gastritis or Crohn’s disease; as we just said before the dysbiosis is more  a functional disorder and anyway of bioenergy nature. rather than a true disorganization of the bacterial flora or of the acid-base balance of the intestine. The dysbiosis may pass for  a deficiency of enzymes, an intoxication by amines,  a period of stress, an acidifying diet, or even more factors together.

Although there being no ,on clinical step a real test for resolving dysbiosis(seen that is a multifactorial disorder),  there is a possibility to explore these criticality with a BioMetaTest  of bio energetic nature; it is about theme 06, which highlights: panel of intestinal organs, panel of toxic amines,panel of enzymes, panel of intestinal flora, panel of the intestinal immunity system, panel of intestinal hormones,panel of biometric indexes of the  intestine and panel  of carriers of probability. A test extremely wide, in its category, and very useful to every professional in the field of naturopathy.