The development of the marketing activities of FREE FARMA continues in the Spanish pharmacy market.

As part of the development of the marketing plan for the promotion of Daphne Lab’s BioMetaTests, Free Farma has announced the collaboration with one of the most important marketing companies in Spain based in Madrid, Comodo Marketing ( .

Through this collaboration, Free Farma will implement marketing initiatives that will cover the entire Spanish territory.

Furthermore, Free Farma has published on its social profiles an interview with Dr. Di Vaia, founder of the Daphne Lab, which answers the most common questions of the Spanish Daphne Points. The interview can be viewed at the link

This is how FREE FARMA’s commitment to promote the marketing of BioMetaTests in Spanish pharmacies continues.
The partnership envisages FREE FARMA’s active commitment in marketing and communication actions aimed at a network of more than 2,000 Spanish pharmacies to promote and expand awareness and the correct approach to the delicate issue of nutritional intolerances, Mineralograms and tests aimed at diagnosing intestinal dysbiosis. In particular, the activities promoted by FREE FARMA, with the advice of Daphne Lab®, will be aimed at emphasizing the differences between tests aimed at identifying allergies and the many other different types of non-specific tests dedicated to nutritional intolerances.
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