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The BioMetaTests

Do you always want a diet and a food intolerance test directly to your home and without moving?
Daphne processes Bio Lab Test at prices that are between the lowest in Europe, keeping the high Quality and the Effectiveness of the result.

You will be followed by our Team, you’ll get a Test, a Food Control, an accurate Protocol … just send a haircut and fill out the form 62!

Thanks to an innovative method of patented analysis with the Daphne Biotest, today we can analyze every kinds of intolerance and tendency to disease, only on the hair of the customer, without our customers having to move and deal with travel or time losses.

The all analysis – of each Thematica of test – happens at distance, by correspondence, you will be followed also on treatment. In this way all the customers, from every part of Italy can discover their own food intolerances, monitor their diet, keep fit.

Attention, however, that your tests are real and reliable, they run many false tests. If you want to be sure that the test is yours, click here


Vision our Themas and find out which tests are for you!


Band “A”

Thema 400 Bio Energetic Analysis of Food Intolerances – (available in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Croatian, Hebrew, Russian)

Thema Junior Bio Energetic Analysis of Food Intolerances for children – (available in Italian, English, French, Spanish)

Thema 02 Bio Energetic Analysis of Mineralogram and Toxic Metals – (available in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Croatian)

Thema 03 Bio Energetic Test VMA © Fitness – Manager & Student – (VMA Fitness available in Italian, French – VMA Manager & Studend available only in Italian)

Thema 04 Bio Energetic Test of Viruses, Bacteria and Parasites – (available in Italian, French)

Thema 05 Bio Energetic Analysis of the Organs – (available in Italian, English, French)

Thema 06 Bio Energetic Analysis of Intestinal Dysbiosis – (available in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Croatian, Russian)

Thema 07 Bio Energetic Analysis of the Metabolism of calcium – (available in Italian, French)

Thema 08 AntiAge - Bio Energetic Analysis of the processes of oxidation and aging of the organism – (available in Italian, French)

Thema 09 Bio Energetic Test Feng-Shui & Toxicity – (available in Italian, English)

Thema 10 Bio Energetic Test of Bach Flower and Aromatherapy – (available in Italian)

Thema 11 Bio Energetics test of The Metabolism of Iron – (available in Italian)

Thema 12 Bio Energetic Analysis of the Heart and the metabolism of fats – (available in Italian)

Thema Alfa Bio Energetic Analysis of Veterinary intolerance for dogs and cats – (available in Italian, English)

Band “PRO”

Thema Esthetic Bio Energetic Analysis of AntiAge and Food intolerances – (available in Italian)

Thema Exclusive Bio Energetic Analysis of Food Intolerance, Mineralogram and Intestinal Dysbiosis – (available in Italian, English, French, Spanish)

Thema Exclusive Junior Bio Energetic Analysis of Food intolerances Junior, Mineralogram and Intestinal Dysbiosis – (available in Italian, English, French, Spanish)

Band “SMALL”

Panel S1 Food Additives: colorants, preservatives… – (available in Italian, English)

Panel S2 Dental 01: dental anatomy, pathogens, defensive agents – (available in Italian, English)

Panel S3 Dental 02: toxic agents, elements in detail – (available in Italian, English)

Panel S4 Memory: diet for the manager and the student – (available in Italian, English)

Panel S5 Flowers Californians: flowers that act with the same energy of the flowers of Bach – (available in Italian, English)

Panel S6 Ocular stress relief: stress by smoke, bright light, fine pounder – (available in Italian, English)

Panel S7 Gemmo-derivates: Bio Energetic Analysis – (available in Italian, English, French)

Panel S8 Homeopathy:  disturbance’s fields – (available in Italian, English)

Panel S9 Schüssler salts and trace elements: Bio Analysis of Schüssler salts and oligos elements – (available in Italian, English)

Panel S10 Water: waters intolerance – (available in Italian, English)

Panel S11 Liver: anatomy, remedies – (available in Italian, English, French)

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