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Symptoms of food intolerance

Talking about  symptoms  by  food intolerance is  like describing a picture of Picasso in his cubist  period. Themes  and   plains   of symptomatic information melted each other and confused often in ungrammatical and unreal way, and all this battle of symptoms  by intolerance is lived in the body and by the body in secret and slime way, without that any  superficial  medical  analysis can never reveal it.
If untill today many doctors confused food intolerances with allergies, symptoms  by celiac disease with digestive enzyme symptoms  it is just because it doesn’t exist a technology on the market able to discriminate these  complex  symptoms . To the simple human and clinic perception, there are many symptoms  , that  between them ,  melt each other on the same pathologic  plan and often cross each other.

Those ones of the food intolerances are symptoms that in easily way can confuse with those ones of the allergies and of the celiac diseases. But the last generation of the test of the food intolerances is able to discriminate  those food intolerances from other symptoms that before were too much fused together in the several plans of the observation as a cubist art picture. Today the Bio Test of Daphne Lab’s laboratories is able to come out more than 600 intolerances, report 6  biological indexes and determinate reasons and effects on several food  groups  so to build a diet able to fit perfectly for  every single subject.

Symptoms of food intolerance, even though there are similar to those many other food pathologies, such as bloating, dermatitis and acne, weight gain and increased fat perivisceral, headaches and migraines, problems of peripheral circulation, etc … are a group symptoms as separate.

It is useful to know, however, that from these annoying symptoms by intolerances we can  heal  or in any case easily to regress if, following an intolerance’s  BioMetaTest for 60 days, we follow a suspension of the incriminating foods for a prescribed period: in this way the body actives  its cleansing and regenerative capacities to drain toxins and restore the initial physiological energy able to solve a large part of diseases, without help of  harmful drugs or surgery often unnecessary.

Also according to many expert voices of  systems bio-intolerances,  eliminating incriminating  foods for about 60 days and reintroduce  them  with programmed weaning  many food intolerance symptoms regress in a spontaneous and natural way , maybe with a little help of refreshing and cleansing herbal teas.
Without damages or sacrifices those intolerance annoying symptoms can finally disappear or be reduced through a system of third generation’s  BioTest  that today conquered the Italian market with more than 25.000 customers and 750 Points  expert consultants in test’s management.

If you want to receive more information about our tests or more generally on the different food intolerances, please  contact us by email or by calling  our toll-free number 800-912792.

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