Even our four-legged friends often have problems with intestinal disorders or metabolic alterations due to foods to which they can be intolerant.
The Thema Alfa is studied for dogs and cats’ s feeding: through a lock of their hairs, you can go back to veterinary intolerances and understand, and solve a series of problems that “affect” our pets friends and often are ignored or underestimated.
The Bio intolerances alter the general metabolism of the organism creating chronic, acute, generalized disturbances, distal or proximal that our friends accuse in silent way over time.
By Thema Alfa it will be analyzed a number of components present in dry food and veterinary food and we can give them a great help and make them happy, we can finally see them in fit! Less tired, more reactive, with the hairs more polished.
Let’s take care of them like them, always and with love, take care of us.

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