What food are you intolerant to? What is the food that make you fat? Is Your diet effective?
Food intolerances are a sub allergic mode that locks certain functionalities of metabolism, so you tend to gain weight while continuing to eat an intolerant food, they are also shown a series of acute and chronic diseases such as headaches, gastritis, intestinal dysbiosis, arthritis, acne, etc.
You have to keep in mind food intolerances and diet’s modification for any treatment in any therapeutic program aimed at the health and wellness the food intolerances play a fundamental role in the organism.
Thema 01 (ex Thema 400) is able to supply you a table of foods to which you are intolerant, a personalized diet, an analysis of values useful to your doctor in confidence, a therapeutic program and an evaluation of interpretation, that no other test supplies you.

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