The new Thema 15, Vegan BioMetaTest, has been designed by a team of nutritionists and naturopathic doctors from the Daphne Laboratories, specifically for those who are committed to vegetarian and vegan diets.
It is a test that investigates aspects of the essential metabolism of iron, vitamins and minerals, hormones and metabolites, which often in vegan diet plans can be out of balance because they are not tailored to the individual’s lifestyle.
It is essential for the nutritionist to have an accurate picture of the basic functional metabolism of these elements in order to understand how and to what extent to modify the vegan diet of his patient and how to tailor it.
The Vegan BioMetaTest allows to identify potential errors or momentary imbalances in a vegan-vegetarian diet plan and to correct them.
You can also request an advanced service with further clinical blood tests and the advice of one of our expert nutritionists.
Together with Thema 01 for Nutritional intolerances, Thema 15 becomes a very useful tool for choosing a correct, balanced and tailored vegan or vegetarian diet.

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