The new Thema 14, the BioMetaTest on the Immune System, has been studied by our Laboratory experts to analyze the main aspects of the subject’s specific and nonspecific immunity, with a table dedicated to the functional analysis, of the specific ImmunoGlobulins, expressed in percentages.
The test verifies some of the main criticalities of our immune system, which can then be corrected or integrated through the intake of a series of vitamins and minerals, as well as analyzes some bacterial strains of the intestinal flora, specialized in the regulation of the immune system.
In addition, the test includes a table of the most compatible phytoactives, which can help the immune system remain active.
The BioMetaTest of the Immune System reports an index of subjective immunity and offers a series of essential information, interpretative assessments and guidelines for a proper nutrition, oriented towards rebalancing the immune system.
The test is useful to know the state of your immune system, to better face the viruses, bacteria and all the immunological adversities that we normally have to face throughout our life.

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