The TricoBioMetaTest® Thema 13 is a unique and exclusive product of DAPHNE LAB international laboratories. A patented testing methodology, denominated Palladium ™ that, through the science of bio-spectrophotometry applied on hair samples, analyzes a series of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, functional for hair growth and strengthening.
The test analyzes toxic metals and interference fields that negatively affect hair growth and cause it to fall. It also analyzes a series of biometric indexes that allow identifying the right protocol to get thicker, stronger and healthier hair.
The TricoBioMetaTest® Thema 13 is indicated for hair maintenance and strengthening. The service can be integrated with a specific personalized nutritional program followed by our nutritionists specialized in tricologic diets (with payment of a small additional amount).
The TricoBioMetaTest® Thema 13 is indicated to know the functional health of the hair, scalp tissue, follicles and all those functional elements, necessary for hair growth and reinforcement. The Daphne Lab testing methodology, owned by Unizenic laboratories in London, is compliant with the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and respects the environment, also by complying with EcoElia’s eco-bioethical standards.

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