A century ago, a British physician named Edward Bach, dissatisfied with the old medical care, discovered a new system of care with a variety of wild flowers.
Bach flowers’s remedies born to be centered at the care of emotional states, fears, insecurities, towards a resolution and processing of personal griefs for those who are too unselfish or too selfish, too shy or those who too extroverted.
Today Daphne Lab offers a complete personalized test of the Bach flowers of third generation.
Bach flowers have been a success for more than a century and have established themselves in the field of natural medicine as a reference point for the treatment of stress and mental disorders.
Bach flowers are indicated in many food diseases such as emotional eating or panic attacks, colitis and gastritis of nervous origin.
Thema 10 test of Bach flowers will let you find the group of Bach flowers best suited to you. Your personal flower: your guide flower!

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