Have you ever entered a house and immediately felt at your ease? Do you go to another house and feel that something is wrong?
It could be a phenomenon due to geopathy, electromagnetic waves, sensitivity to electrosmog, microwaves, and to various disturbing environmental elements; all problems related to the thousand nuances of electromagnetic pollution.
The Feng-Shui Test of the Daphne Lab laboratories is an advanced third generation test that explores in detail a series of problems related to the environment and your sensitivity and predisposition to it.
Thema 09 bioarchitecture allows you to find out if your body is affected by negative geopathic energy, the flow of energy in the bedroom or living room could flow in a not harmonious way, or you could suffer from electromagnetic smog syndromes, be sensitized to radiation or just sleep with your head pointing to a wrong cardinal point.
The body records your energy information of where you live and the Thema 09 reveals them.
You will find out if the environment around you is suitable for you or you have to change some arrangement, as you defend yourself from negative energies.
Adapting yourself to the world or creating a world that suits you … it is the Chinese philosophy of Feng-Shui!

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