The lack of knowledge creates ignorance and this generates fear and disease.
Do You really know your organs’s bio energy?
There are different kinds of analysis that give you an insight into the reality of the organs, some structural as ultrasound, tac, x-rays, as other as hearing, blood tests, etc. but the only bio energetic analysis of all organs – with holographic technique – it is made only by Daphne Lab with the innovative Thema 05. A test of bioenergetics nature that starts from the principles of acupuncture meridians to go into the details of the organs, bones, muscles, etc.
The Bioenergy of the organs gives you reference values to know the current acute and chronic status (of the critic bio energetic profile) and the possible future diseases, trends to your diseases, structural graphics easy to understand, clear interpretations and relations of your present and future health.
A modern knowledge of yourself with a method old as the time!

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