BioEnergetic Analysis of Mineralogram and Toxic Metals
Our organic structure is made up of 80% water and 19% minerals. These play an important role in the proper functioning of human metabolism, controlling some reactions, favoring others, triggering the immune system in cases of attack by infected or cancer cells and regulating the processes of the endocrine system.
The Thema 02 Mineralogram is suitable for checking your current health status and the trends for possible future diseases. Through the analysis of functional tables of Minerals and their ratios, it will also be possible to deepen the analysis of the general endocrine functioning of some processes of adaptation to stress and the response of the organism.
In addition, a series of toxic metals, indicated as a percentage, are analyzed.
A further table analyzes the oligodiatesis, which are essential micronutrients in the science of oligotherapy, very useful for understanding the state of temporary functional alteration of the subject.
Through specific advice, protocols and a correct interpretation of the Daphne Lab’s Mineralogram, you can purify the body of toxic metals, rebalance the ratios between minerals, change the state of diathesis and regain shape and well-being.

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