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See our map of Daphne Point in Italy and discover the Daphne Point near you!
If in your area there are Daphne Points, just cut a small tuft of hair, put it in a bag, and attach it to form 62 which you can download from internet. From here.

Our prices are between the lowest in Europe, holding the high Quality and the Effectiveness of the result.

If you do not know which BioMetaTest is for you, between the many tests of Daphne, fill out the form DIETALOG ©by our expert nutritionist and you’ll receive our suggests and the eventual indication of which natural products are right for you.

Detailed procedure on how to request the Daphne BioTest

Procedure to follow for direct requests
Follow these 5 simple steps:

A: cut a small lock of hair (about ten hair with length of at least 1cm) and place the sample in a small paper or plastic bag, or you can use hairs (specify the sampling area)

Download the instructions for accurate sampling, click here

B: Download the form 62, click here

Download the instructions to complete the BioMetaTest request form 62, click here

C: fill out the form 62 in all its parts

D: make the payment  by bank transfer

For payment details contact us, we will  give you an answer with coordinates to make the bank transfer

E: send the form 62 with the bag containing the hair and the receipt of payment to the address below (preferably by registered mail)

Our lab will process your request, analyze the hair sample based on DAPHNE LAB’s patented testing methodology and prepare a personalized protocol, according to the Thema you have chosen.
You will receive the test report by email.

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