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… and other trademarks registered in Trade Mark or in Copyright as well as other trademarks used in connection with the Services and Daphne Lab products are registered trademarks of DAPHNE LAB or Unizenic or its subsidiaries, affiliates or subsidiaries (jointly the “Daphne Group” ) in the United States, the European Union and / or other countries such as Russia, Latin America, Asian countries or the African Union. The graphic material, the logos, the page headers, the icon buttons, images, texts, websites and their contents, the fonts and service marks included or made available through any Daphne Service or product or license of BioMetaTests and the like are trademarks or distinctive signs of the Daphne Group in the United States, the European Union and / or other countries. The trademarks and distinctive signs of the Daphne Group cannot be used in relation to other products or services that are not of the Daphne Group, as well as customer databases, food or whole list elements, and nutritional or bromatological profiles, in way to create confusion among customers, or other copyrighted material or in any way that could denigrate or discredit the Daphne Group. All other trademarks not owned by the Daphne Group used in connection with the Daphne Services, Products or Licenses are the property of their respective owners who may or may not be connected, connected or sponsored by the Daphne Group, it will be necessary to inquire about their respective registrations or legal properties .

Updated 02.06.2018