Press Release: DAPHNE LAB® Introduces its innovative BioMetaTests® in Croatia

DAPHNE LAB® Launches BioMetaTests® in Croatia: A New Era of Personalized Health

In collaboration with local partners, DAPHNE LAB® expands its presence to offer advanced bioenergetic tests in Croatia: the BioMetaTests® for Nutritional Intolerances, Intestinal Dysbiosis, Mineralogram, and many others.

26/02/2024 – DAPHNE LAB®, a leader in bioenergetic functional testing, is excited to announce the commencement of promotion and sales of its innovative BioMetaTests® across the entire territory of Croatia. Following successful expansions in Spain, Canada, America, the Balkans, and throughout Europe, a new expansion project is covering the Croatian territory. This initiative marks a significant step in DAPHNE LAB®’s mission to make advanced solutions for personalized health and well-being accessible in the world of third-generation tests.

Strategic Collaboration with Local Partners: the “Daphne Points”

DAPHNE LAB® has signed strategic collaborations with local partners in Croatia to ensure the efficient distribution of BioMetaTests® to a widespread network of customers and professionals. These partners share a commitment to innovation in the health sector and will contribute to introducing bioenergetic tests, including DNA tests, across the country. For instance, Thema 01 for nutritional intolerances analyzes approximately 600 foods and includes 7 biometric indices, personalized and generic diets, and nutritional advice.

BioMetaTests®: An Advanced Vision of Health

DAPHNE LAB®’s BioMetaTests® offer an in-depth view of individual bioenergetic parameters, through more than 40 different types of tests, enabling precise and timely identification of health conditions in the naturopathic and preventive medicine realms. Examples include the innovative BioMetaTests® for mineralogram and intestinal dysbiosis, which analyze more personalized and multifactorial elements and parameters compared to previous versions. These BioMetaTests® provide detailed information to guide conscious and personalized lifestyle choices.

Dr. Luigi Di Vaia, Founder of DAPHNE LAB®:

“We are thrilled to bring BioMetaTests® to Croatia and collaborate with local partners to promote personalized health in the country. Our cutting-edge technology is ready to significantly contribute to the well-being of the Croatian community. After years of refinement and work on the new versions of BioMetaTests®, we have finally found partners who can introduce our innovative tests in this country. Thanks to our market research and initial results, we know that the need for proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is essential for Croatian citizens, and naturopathic medicine is widely embraced by the population.”

A New Era of Personal Well-being:

With the introduction of BioMetaTests® in Croatia, DAPHNE LAB® aims to provide Croatian citizens with an advanced tool to monitor and improve their health through nutritional education, new lifestyles, and naturopathic protocols facilitated by previously unimaginable laboratory analyses. This initiative represents an ongoing commitment to promoting a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

DAPHNE LAB® continues to be at the forefront of offering innovative bioenergetic solutions, and the expansion in Croatia represents a significant step towards realizing this vision.

Information on Sales Points and Contacts:

DAPHNE LAB®’s BioMetaTests® will be available at various authorized sales points in Croatia: the Daphne Points. For further information and to contact DAPHNE LAB®, please visit the website or send an email to