DAPHNE LAB and SERENITY HOLISTIC MEDICAL CLINIC, MALTA, announce a Strategic Collaboration for the promotion and sale of Daphne Lab®’s BioMetaTests™ in Malta.

DAPHNE LAB, a leader in the field of bioenergetic functional tests, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with SERENITY HOLISTIC MEDICAL CLINIC, MALTA, a renowned partner in the health sector in Malta. This partnership aims to bring and make available innovative bioenergetic tests directly to everyone living in, promoting well-being and health awareness.

Thanks to this collaboration, now everyone in Malta will have access to a wide range of advanced BioMetaTests™ designed to accurately and timely identify and understand individual health conditions. The tests will cover various bioenergetic parameters, providing detailed information that can guide more conscious and personalized lifestyle choices.

SERENITY HOLISTIC MEDICAL CLINIC, MALTA brings to the partnership its deep understanding of the Maltese market and its experience in the health sector, thus contributing to tailor the offering to meet the specific needs of the local community. This collaboration aims to promote health awareness in Malta and provide practical tools to improve the quality of life.

Quotes from representatives:

Dr. Lugi Di Vaia, founder of Daphne Lab®: “We are excited to collaborate with SERENITY HOLISTIC MEDICAL CLINIC, MALTA, to bring our BioMetaTests™ to Malta. Health is a universal priority, and this partnership enables us to offer customized solutions to enhance the well-being of the Maltese community.”

Valcho Valchev, owner of SERENITY HOLISTIC MEDICAL CLINIC, MALTA: “Collaborating with Daphne Lab® is a significant step in providing everyone living in Malta with innovative tools to take care of their health. We are confident that BioMetaTests™ will have a positive impact on the awareness and well-being of our community.”

This collaboration marks an important chapter in both companies’ mission to promote health and well-being through innovative solutions. Both parties look forward to a successful future and contributing to the improvement of health on the Maltese Islands.

For more information on Daphne Lab:
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