Discovering my nutrigenes

In recent years, people have begun to take a lot of interest in genetic tests. Even though the United States and United Kingdom are the countries who first started to take an interest in it and are now the leaders, many other nations have understood the usefulness of this type of test, which, in addition to provide a diagnostic method, is above all a preventive tool to guarantee an optimal state of health, in particular when applied to a pregnant woman. This article will report the anonymous testimony of a person who performed an ELGENETIX test, through which 21 nutritional genes (genes related to nutrition) are analyzed. The results of the genetic test allow us to make prudent nutritional choices that can positively affect the general health conditions. For privacy reasons the person who performed the Elgenetix test will remain anonymous and for convenience we will call him Mr. Rossi. The following is a report of the results of his test, with related nutritional advice.

Mr. Rossi
Elgenetix tested the CYP1A2 gene, a cytochrome P450 enzyme that is involved in the process of eliminating toxins in foods. I have an AA genotype for the rs762551 polymorphism, which means that I have a very efficient enzyme that makes it difficult to digest meat and fish cooked at high temperatures, with the production of metabolites with toxic action. I must therefore reduce the consumption of grilled meat and fish, because toxins are generated with this or other similar cooking forms. In the summer period, during which it is common to consume grilled meats or grilled fish, this can be offset by increasing the intake of substances with antioxidant action; the advice is even more valid if I consider that the test results also shows a poor presence of the SOD2 enzyme inside the cells.
This protein, which constitutes the body’s first defense against free radicals, is in fact associated with a polymorphism (rs4880) which determines the cellular localization of the enzyme: the C allele retains the enzyme inside the mitochondria, while the T allele causes a higher presence of the enzyme in the cytoplasm and therefore increases its overall antioxidant activity. Having a CC genotype, I find myself in a situation of deficiency and therefore I need to supplement my diet with vitamins A, C and E.
The Elgenetix test also analyzes 4 genes that can affect triglyceride and cholesterol levels: APOC3, LPL, APOA1 and ADH1C. My APOC3 gene has an rs5128 polymorphism with CC genotype: this genotype is not associated with high triglyceride levels. However, my CC genotype in the rs328 polymorphism of the LPL gene leads me to have less “good cholesterol” (HDL) and more triglycerides. Fortunately, the APOA1 gene has a GA genotype polymorphism, associated with a moderate increase in “good cholesterol” levels (HDL). Moreover, thanks to an Ile / Val variation, determined by the rs698 polymorphism in the ADH1C gene, I can drink alcohol in moderate quantities, since the presence of valine is correlated to higher levels of “good cholesterol”, following alcohol consumption. However, I cannot exaggerate because the presence of Isoleucine in the other allele makes the enzyme less efficient in metabolizing alcohol.
I’m glad I took the Elgenetix test. I have learned many things about my body, and they will be very useful for me to follow a diet and a lifestyle more suited to my genetic code. Besides Elgenetix there are numerous companies that offer nutrigenetic tests, and perhaps you have already heard of many of them. Following my personal experience I can say that I have had excellent feedback putting into practice the indications found in the Elgenetix test because I find that the combination of these 21 mutations and a healthcare team specialized in nutrigenetics is an extraordinary mix for a correct lifestyle. Another piece of advice I can give is to ask for as much information as possible and not to be duped by people who make absurd promises. Unfortunately, completely fake DNA tests are sold on the internet. The general rule to keep in mind is that the most transparent companies are also the most reliable.

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