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Intolleranza al latte

Milk intolerance

Blank, white and attractive nectar of life. The milk has nutritional properties more sophisticated and complex  than any other food. Yet, as many of symbols or paradoxes of human or science, so candid, so important to life and yet very intolerable.

Many are the people who constantly complain suffering to colon, widespread colitis problems, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and many other symptoms related to a strong intolerance to milk and its valuable components.

It will be because we are the only human beings on the planet to still  feed of milk and feed on this food after weaning, it will be because we abuse it extremely in  excess, it remains the fact that to milk and its by-products nowadays, more and more six people on  ten are intolerant (in females) and 5 of 10 in the male.

This is confirmed by analysis of data on 20,000 patients in Italy. A population of milk drinkers in all its forms and of all sizes, from pure milk cow than goat (towards which we are much less intolerant), by aged cheeses, to those fresh, milk is practically everywhere in our daily diet.

In snacks, biscuits, creams, yogurt, in many cases even in sausages or as powder lactose in homeopathic granules, for sports such as whey protein powder, and in many other foods that often we ignore the presence.

Although recently the culinary fashion is suggesting to change habits with the introduction of soy milk, rice milk, and many other legumes drinks, the average Italian is hard in its food traditions and after several years of traditional and constant intake milk becomes permanently intolerant.

But food intolerance to milk is not a disease itself as the enzyme lactose intolerance, of which many doctors today still confuse pathologies. From the intolerance to milk you can heal without doubt, through a planned weaning. It begins by observing a 60 days  a diet eliminating dairy products to which you are intolerant (by doing the 400 thema intolerance which are expressed 600 foods), then we wean the intestine with FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) and lactic acid, then progressively and gradually add the milk in smaller percentage and then more and more, in depth, a higher percentage.

The test of the thema 400 – food intolerance, gives accurate and reliable information both from the nutritional point of view and from that of the percentages of intolerance. This allows you to scale your diet on measure and programmed in a scientific and accurate weaning to heal from food intolerances.

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