International Award “Hippocrates Primus Magister”


Salerno, June 20, 2024 – During the prestigious seminar “Artificial Intelligence in the Service of Health Assistance” held in Salerno, Dr. Teodosio De Bonis, International Scientific Health Director of DAPHNE LAB® laboratories, received the coveted international award for medicine “HIPPOCRATES PRIMUS MAGISTER.”
This honor underscores DAPHNE LAB®‘s commitment to excellence in medical and naturopathic research and innovation.

The event, promoted by Prof. Dr. Sergio Bellucci of the United Nations University for Peace and Prof. Dr. Roberto Schiavone di Favignana, President of Universo Humanites ODC and Minister of Health for the Knights of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem – Knights of Malta (OSJ), brought together distinguished personalities from the academic and scientific communities. Speakers included Prof. Dr. Marcello Trento, Prof. Gerardo Iovane, and Medical Engineering graduate student Raffaele Chiappini. Ethical and social implications of technology were addressed by His Eminence Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe (Emeritus Metropolitan Archbishop of Naples) and Hon. Alfonso Andria, President of the European University Centre for Cultural Heritage in Ravello.

DAPHNE LAB®, under the leadership of Dr. Teodosio De Bonis, is recognized for its advanced bio-physical naturopathic research with a series of BioMetaTests®, significantly contributing to the development of innovative solutions in the health and para-health sectors. The company stands out for its cutting-edge approach in integrating artificial intelligence into its third-generation testing methodology, enhancing healthcare, nutrition, naturopathy, and overall wellness by making it more efficient and personalized.

The event was also attended by the C.I.N.U (Inter-Governmental Confederation of the United Nations) represented by Secretary Eng. Vincenzo Borrelli and Dr. Vincenzo Zaccagnino, PhD in Biophysical Medicine. The presentation of the AI application, ROBOX, by its creator, Dr. Daniele Rossi, demonstrated the real-time potential of artificial intelligence in the medical field, further emphasizing the importance of innovations promoted by DAPHNE LAB®.

The “HIPPOCRATES PRIMUS MAGISTER” award presented to Dr. De Bonis is a testament to DAPHNE LAB®‘s dedication to improving public and private health care through innovation and high-quality research, also leveraging artificial intelligence. This award serves as an incentive for the company to continue its commitment to scientific excellence and technological innovation.

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DAPHNE LAB® is a leader in biophysical research with patented technologies, including specific artificial intelligence and high-profile medical software, dedicated to developing innovative technologies to enhance para-health and naturopathic care. The laboratories are currently present in Spain, Canada, the USA, the Middle East, the Balkans, South America, and more. With a team of internationally renowned experts, it organizes training courses, mainly conducted by its founder Dr. Luigi Di Vaia. DAPHNE LAB® is committed to transforming scientific discoveries into practical solutions for a better quality of life.