Food Intolerances

The FOOD INTOLERANCES a path of knowledge

Hippocrates used to say that the food is the first real drug.To eat well and live long, our grandparents used to observe a few simple rules, including respect the seasonality of foods. We usually ignore our Great past and distort our little future.

That’s why today food intolerances  are a scourge that is increasing considerably. Our food is shaped by industry, enriched of colors and additives of consumerism and our healthy rules of the past are fading memories and old-fashioned.

Food intolerance is becoming a mass phenomenon in heavily industrialized areas . The food is  become part of a corrupt system, of a globalized market, a byproduct of an unconscious society and too hasty to stop and reflect on the intimate and cultural component  so deep that it’s the food, which, ingested, touches the most intimate and unconscious part  of our true nature. That’s why food intolerances rather than being a consequence of chemical and industrial changes on  foods, they are  the  result of environmental change of  the food and man’s emotional detachment from his true nature.

Food intolerance seems to be the zero point of each disease, the first imbalance of land, on this scaffolding goes to be built the human body over the years. If the foundations are solid, our health will be of iron. Food intolerance is a spy, an indicator of a company into the fray, that has moved away from the true canons of our primordial health, from our real physical and mental wellness.

Our eating habits are not correct, for example we see the news at the table: with our senses we savor a tasty dish, while our brain acquires  the news of a bomb that kills 12 children. In this way, our compensation system will create a first intolerance to the food, due to an adaptation to our continuous doubling between realization and emotions or feelings, It is about our alternation between the idea of healthy food and the desire of tasty food but harmful.
Within us there is a compensation system through which we have passed the biggest stages of the evolution of species, a system that allows our EGO to not go crazy and not doubling. Even knowing that something hurts us, generating in us a doubling that should lead us  to madness. This system allows us to survive and rebalance  leading a normal life, but with a small price to pay: an intolerance more.

Every our  food intolerance is really a scar that lacerated our candid emotional sphere, a sign in the time left by trauma, layered in us from dissociative attitudes that we make every day, often without even realizing it. With the mind we think a thing and do another with the body. Typical is the case of the obese people that  although knowing that a dish of fries is deleterious, they cannot help to take a big portion, as well as those ones that know that they should be taken more vegetables and fruit ,but they don’t have time and in office they carry the usual hit and run sandwich. Examples of dissociating behaviors and of disturbance at the table border on the absurd, as one who knows that eating just a little make living  twice, but nonetheless he hasn’t to binge his child of all good things because he will grow stronger and healthier. As well as those population in the south, on the border of the land of fires, that know by certain studies that the product of many of those lands is polluted by dioxin and other damned radioactive wastes, but that continue to think that the food of the land of his friend is to be considered genuine. The dissociative behaviors occur at the table and also to the supermarket, due to our intimate approach to food, to our tendency to consumerism. Because of such behavior, our system of internal adaptation, every time that we restore the balance, creates a scar in the form of a new food intolerance.

Food intolerance is the first true original sin, the desire to make something even we know that it is wrong. Maybe it’s a genetic residue resulting from Adam and Eve, but certainly not a disease that you can fight with any drug, or with a classic therapy. It is necessary to identify a series of bio food intolerances through a specific test and to resolve them through a detailed program created ad hoc by a specialist consultant. So from a bio food intolerance you can heal. The healing process from food intolerance is not an easy pill to swallow with your eyes closed, but a path of knowledge that will allow us to look inside and know each other better.


Food intolerance symptoms

The symptoms which can be shown in  presence of an intolerance to a kind of food, are multiple and they differ between them according to the type of allergy that is activated. The symptoms of food intolerance which are listed below are typically shown but they aren’t symptoms that are presented only in  presence of food intolerance, and they are: Heartburn, indigestion, colic and abdominal cramps, diarrhea, flatulence, dysentery, bloating and abdominal gurgling. Also other symptoms that may portend a food intolerance in place are: Meteorism, headache, nausea, itching, acid regurgitation, dry skin, water retention.

Food intolerances test

 After having carried out an exclusion diet to try to know what kinds of intolerance is affected the patient, you can pass to use a tests and  an analysis for food intolerance themselves. A difference between kinds of tests is a duty, and is  that one in which we can divide conventional and unconventional tests.  To the first category of types kind of tests belong allergologic testing (prick by prick, Rast, prick test, patch test and the Unleashing test).  To the unconventional tests instead are belonging all those allergologic tests which are outside of the diagnosis ‘s plan presented by the S. S. N. as the Vega Test, the Alcat Test and DRIA test.