FOOD INTOLERANCES I eat therefore I am… the five secrets of the Zen

I eat therefore I am is taken from the ancient and famous phrase of Descartes on the awareness. Not surprisingly the plot of the book Food Intolerances is about how the awareness performs its crystalline role of spectator in the events of the world to be then attacked and alchemically transmuted by the same food that the body is nourished.

We understand how it is intimately fused, in a vision that today we say holistic, the nature of awareness, spiritual and incorruptible, with that of the raw and corruptible physical body.

Feeding is a melting point between these two aspects, it has its roots in the neolithic and reaches us crystal and intact for us to find out how, in every act of eating, it is hided a sacred act that unites the body with the psyche, sacred act that we every day in desecrate in absurd moments of haste, of poor feeding, of immoderate food education. The book is the work of years of research, an essay and novel sewn together in the concocted plot of an adventure in the search of the secrets of Zen pitted with wisdom from an old professor met in Italy. The plot takes the reader to entertainment with an amazing calm in the world of natural medicine and savor the main content with vivid clarity. The book continues the internet with a number of updates of the author, blog on the argument to which all readers can participate and intervene, calendar of art exhibitions and lectures on the book presentation given by the author himself at some libraries and schools of naturopathy in Italy, to which readers can participate for free to enrich and deepen the argument.

Back cover – “FOOD INTOLERANCE, I eat therefore I am, the five secrets of the Zen – Dr. Luigi Di Vaia”

A single meeting can change people’s life and their destiny, if then their fate is not just to meet up … who knows. There is a story behind the concept of Food Intolerances, everyone has their own, but this history includes all ones, it recalls to its mind and calls to stop the time and space to expand.
For a just moment, though, in which they are revealed little secrets Zen. Secrets to remain immune to many daily diseases. Characters of this Life and of this singular story: an old professor, his pretty niece, an academic Doctor, a patient lost, the Empty Zen and I’ll tell you everything from the path of my destiny. I wonder if your path is not to meet with this story, which has since become a card that it is told in a Book.