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Food intolerance on the children

Diagnosis, treatment and nutrition education.

The whole planet of the food intolerance could not present a development on the children. Obviously, considered the food customs of the children, the symptoms of the intolerances on young subject present different dynamics and forms, but  all united by  same base of leaving: food intolerances can be addressed and resolved only if known with the holistic  method. Children are our future: they are small, and they are our future. They are children. Childhood obesity is increasing, even food intolerance of children are increasing.
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From a recent convention come out interesting facets on children food intolerance. They are called Thema Junior and are special intolerances studied for our little guys untill 10 years old.

Children  feeding  is different from an adult  one  and  if for the intolerant adult  tests of 600 studied foods on a base of European food style are needed as Thema 400 that  from years is realized and sold in Europe  by Daphne Lab’s laboratories, for the intolerant child it is needed a specified Thema Junior with growth percentiles, nutritional values cut on the  children needs  as vitamins, minerals, amino-acids for every food, every snack or for every homogenized.

Children intolerances are an important news.
If the children are really our future we have to  begin to think to them, we cannot ignore the  science  progresses  in the diagnostic field and the new intolerance’s tests to newborn and childrenTo release the children from infant food intolerance is the first big step to the correct grow of the child, to the  correct development of the immunity system  and the correct emotional  equilibrium.

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