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Food Intolerance BioMetaTests

Food Intolerance test, Mineralogram, intestinal Disbiosis and much more. Personalized consultancy, diets and a nutrizionist that follows your case…

The DAPHNE LAB is a  Leader a trademark in the field of food intolerances of 3rd generation. Present in all Italy and with a strong relief also at international level. Specialized in new Palladium technologies for BioMetaTests, he has developed a system of investigation of bio frequencies analyzed by hair or salivary buffer . With this system the Daphne laboratories  can process 29 BioMetaTests, analyze over 800 foods, 200 viruses and bacteria, 25 vitamins, 30 minerals, toxic metals, metabolites, organs and much more. Only company in the field of natural medicine with an advanced system of quality management in the respect of the  environment  and  an innovative Service Card turned to the respect of customers. Described by  studies of repeatability at  94% and conforms  with ISO 9001international standards.

Contact one of our consultants or a Daphne Point in your city. Will help you to choose which Biotest do what style of life to  follow, how you have to feed and write down together  the objectives to be achieved. With over 10 years of  experience in the sector, the Daphne Lab is today an international company with assets of more than 120,000  bio-tests done in the world. High quality policy and strict control of internal systems, make the company a point of reference for many laboratories and professionals that find, like you, the solution to the food intolerances problems.

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