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Intolleranza alla farina

Flour intolerance

There are many kinds of  flour’s intolerances, because first of all there are several flours and degrees of grain defining. The important thing is do not confuse flours ’s intolerance with gluten one. The two concepts are completely different.

Meanwhile  most customers of Daphne Lab’s laboratories on which is conducted the investigation’s study (30.00 cases) have found a very high percentage of refining  flours’s intolerances and much more to integral ones. Especially  obese, bilious subject, with a series of visceral and dysbiotic problems.

Who results very intolerant to the flours or combination of them will use the programmed weaning  system, used by the nutritionist‘s methods  of the Daphne lab to consent  to the organism to reassume  farinaceous….but always con salis grain (grain of salt).

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