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Feng-Shui & toxicity – BioMetaTest


Did you ever get into a home and feel comfortable? As you travel to another house and feel that there is “something wrong?”.
It could be a geopathic phenomenon, electromagnetic waves, electro smog sensitivity, microwave, and various disturbing environmental elements.
Test of Feng-Shui of Daphne Lab laboratories is an advanced test that explores in detail a series of problem related to the environment.

Thema 09 bio-architecture will allow you to find out if your body is affected by negative geopathic energies, the flow of energies in the bedroom or in the living room could slide in a little harmony way, or you may suffer from syndromes by electromagnetic smog, being sensitized to radiations or simply sleeping with the head pointing towards a wrong cardinal point.

The body registered your energy information of where you live and the Thema 09 test of Feng-Shui detected them.

You will find out if the environment around you is suitable for you or if you have to change some provision and how to defend yourself from negative energies.

Adapting yourself to the world or creating a world that is suitable to you … is the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui!

Click to see an EXAMPLE of Thema 09 Feng-Shui & toxicity!

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