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FAQ – frequently asked questions

Why Daphne name?
Daphne is the symbol of a double mean both rational, logical, mathematic, technologic, and mythological, symbolic, imaginative, fairytale. So like a double that is inside every form of life at the same way Daphne has got this double valence, typical of the caduceus of the medicine.
Mythological valence: Daphne was a very beautiful nymph that lived between the woods of the Olympus.
One day Apollo, proud to have killed the monstrous Python snake, met Eros made fun of him and of the fact that he had never done action worthy of glory.  The love’s god, deeply injured by the Apollo’s words, took two arrows, one with a gold pit and the other with lead pit, he threw the one with the g old pit in the heart of Apollo and the one with the lead pit in the heart of the Daphne nymph. Apollo began to fall in Love with Daphne, who having had the influence of the lead did not want to know anything about the courtship of Apollo. Daphne fled and Apollo chased her for days and months, until exhausted Daphne invoked Gea her patron to free her from this torment and the Mother of the nymphs transformed Daphne into a laurel tree.  Apollo tried desperately to hug the tree and find his beloved Daphne, which now no longer existed except in the form of plant. Since then Apollo proclaimed that the bay should be the symbol of Victory and Honor, to rest on the head as honor. Later it was used also as a sign of wisdom on the heads of poets and philosophers.
Technological value: Daphne also conceals a technological core, being the abbreviation of our technology for the analysis of BioMetaTest = Amplitude Phase Device Health Natural Eubiology. It is a next-generation equipment that uses frequency waves in 4-dimensions with a meta substance biological signal’s amplification. An innovative patented system unique in the world that no other laboratory can still copy. The Daphne Lab is the only one in the world using this system of patents and software, able of processing more than 50000 calculations and to test 3500 items.

What is the difference between allergies and intolerances?
Food intolerance is not exactly an allergy, but it can keep up an allergy itself (to pollen, mites, etc.): then analyses how the Prick, the Rast, etc., are not suitable to discover this type of hypersensitivity.
Allergies directly engage the immunity system by generating increases in immunoglobulin (IgE, IgA, etc.). The Food intolerances are instead disturbance’s field, encoded in the form of resonance of frequencies, which slow down the overall metabolic system.
In our system these special intolerances are called Bio intolerance.
The difference between allergy and intolerance is considerable: while the allergy is immediate answer of the immunity system from which is difficult to heal, the intolerance is a very slow answer of the metabolic system and build up from which you can easily rehabilitated.

Why are our ones called Bio intolerances?
Official medicine recognizes the term of food Intolerance as those genetic metabolic defects as favism, celiac disease, lactose intolerance for lack of lactase, etc … while the more modern systems due to the introduction of German bioelectronics it has not yet cataloged. The Daphne Lab, to distinguish their tests of food Intolerance to other types of intolerance already encoded by the official medicine, has coined the term Bio intolerances. Therefore, Bio Intolerances are very different from other types of allergies, autoimmune diseases, genetic intolerances, food hypersensitivity, etc.

How does the Daphne BioMetaTest method work?
The Tissue to be tested is immersed in a layered meta substance and through an innovative meta substances system, which amplifies the signal of the bottom of the biological tissue of the tissue, it is possible to retrieve and to inform the Daphne machine system of all disturbances’ s fields down to the details. The computer sends a signal’s train of the elements and of the foods to be tested, there is an interchange of signals and parametric comparisons between the several bio frequencies. A series of calculations – coordinated by a strict mathematical model – smooth data and make them readable in graphs, percentages, tables, matrices, vectors of forecasts.
Thanks always to the innovative mathematical models, also based on more than 120 000 tests and continually revisited, our tests are always updated, more reliable and always more precise version after version.

How do I know the version of my BioMetaTest?
The version “ver. xxx” is indicated at the bottom of the test or at the end, to know if your test is the latest version you contact us.

What is a meta substance?
It is a substance highly dynamized with a thermodynamic method that increases the internal cluster of liquid structures. The meta substance is the basis of the Palladium technology that increases the signal of resonance of biological tissues. In our method we use hair / hairs / salivary buffer because they offer the possibility to be remotely sent without logistical problems and it is not degradable.

Can everything be meta substantiated?
In theory, a drug can be enhanced. Our researches are carrying out projects to enhance both natural and homeopathic medicines, although in theory you can enhance this system also supplements, vitamins, minerals, and many other synthetic chemical drugs.
At the beginning of the first Daphne research the meta substance was created to amplify homeopathic drugs, then the research was too expensive and the first project was abandoned. Only after the conference in Alexandria in 2000 a new research group was formed with the idea of ​​exploiting the old project of meta substance for bioelectronics use.

Can the meta substances be used for therapy?
Yes, of course, it is possible!

Is there a list of services?
Sure, it’s one of the most advanced business services’s card of the Western world. Downloadable from internet, directly from our website.

What is the difference between EAV, Vega, and the BioMetaTest Daphne system?
There are many ways to detect food intolerances, many are based on weak and psychological signals as Vega or the EAV or with unconscious systems as kinesiology. Ours is a stable system with a large mathematical model behind. The unique system of meta substances and the revolutionary program of the signal’s coding allows our laboratory to detect very weak signals that would escape to other investigations. The Palladium technology system of Daphne Lab is called of third generation.

What is a test of the third generation?
The first generation of intolerance test was inaugurated by Arthur Coca running subjectively the test listening pulse rate, the first generation are all tests of kinesiology nature who listen muscle strength, wrist, iris, etc.
The second generation test is that one where a car was introduced between the subject and the operator, this enormously lowered the degree of error of the results, but the system was still too sensitive to fluctuations in sensitivity of both the patient and the doctor.
The test of the third generation is when there are no more variables such as the operator neither the subject that can affect the analysis system, but only a machine that analyzes a biological tissue, according to very rigid mathematical models.
Our Palladium technology of Daphne Lab laboratories received from a study of reliability and repeatability some data, the 94% repeatability from Research Institutes of Health Italian (ASL and AIAS Italian government entities of health).

Is there difference between tests performed on the blood and that one on the hair?
A blood test is testing for allergy, checks the response of the immunity system, while our test is of bio frequencies, it verifies bio intolerances or other enzymatic, chemical or organic disturbance’s fields. Our hair, unlike blood, preserves the history of our feeding and not just the photograph of the moment.

Why are not there all the foods that I find?
Our tests are continually updated, and many foods are our customers themselves to suggest us. Some, however, are only derivations as the sausage is the fatty part of the pig and this last food is already present.

Why in diet does it suggests me egg when I am intolerant?
The chicken egg is divided into egg white and yolk, if it appears intolerant to both perhaps you are not intolerant to the ostrich or quail. The computer diet unfortunately does not take into account the preferences or tastes of the customer. In this case you would activate another diet with one of our consultants.

Why may you be intolerant to a food and not a compound that contains that element?
It’s about synergy. It ‘possible that you are intolerant to yeast but not to whole wheat bread that contains it. Simply because the whole wheat flour lowers the component of yeast intolerance. Or to sugar but not to certain biscuits containing them. The question is bio frequencies, a bio frequency can be mitigated if in synergy with other elements, then a frequency cannot be intolerant if in the presence of other synergistically.

Why in some tests isn’t there reported the reference?
In some cases, we have omitted the minimum reference because it is not a quantitative test such as that one of the analysis not always be below or above a certain value it means to be in defect or in excess. The defect or excess must be assessed case by case and this will be the mathematical model and the experience of our medical team to assess if the subject has passed whether or not certain thresholds and if the surplus is really dangerous or just to watch.

How can I get in contact with someone of Daphne Lab?
By writing a letter, an email, calling the offices or through Daphne Points on the national and European territory.

In my area there are Daphne Point how can I get the test?
You can put yourself directly in contact with the Daphne Lab and requiring the test direct to us, we can run it in different languages ​​and in all parts of the world.

Is it possible a discount for a group of people?
It’s possible but for trade agreements an email must to be send or call the operating offices of the logistics locations of Daphne Lab or consult their Daphne Points on the national or European territory.

Why isn’t there the price of Biotest on the website?
Because it varies from Daphne Point, in the condition of the free market we cannot fix a single price. However, the price will vary slightly between Daphne Points. On the section of our website in Daphne Points there are all the references of the case.

Are there family discounts?
In some Daphne Point and at certain times you can make great family discounts, you can have information about it at the closer Daphne Point.

Aren’t there promotions at this time?
Check it with the closer Daphne Point.

How can I pay?
Directly in cash at Daphne Point or if you have turned directly to Daphne Lab through a simple bank transfer whose coordinates are to be requested directly to the Daphne Lab.

How can the test be interpreted?
The test should be interpreted by experts Daphne Lab to program together the food plan and to be able to assess the more correct modalities and the ones that best are adapted also to individual problems. We have experts who can draw your own personalized food plan and a tailored wellness protocol, you call us to know the costs.

I cannot find the products that you have suggested in the treatment protocol, how can I do?
The products can be easily replaced, with the help of our experts and respecting the modalities of administration and the suggested composition.

Why have you to repeat the test?
The Bio intolerances are not stable over time, especially they change if you abstain for 60 days or if you follow a purification program. According to statistical studies, it is important to repeat the test, people that have repeated the test after 60 days, then after 90 and finally after 120 days are those who have found wellness and health.
What are all those values ​​and letters in thema 400?
They are proteins, sugars, fats, cholesterol, fiber, kilocalories, expressed in grams, the glycemic index of foods, and the percentage of intolerance. All are reported on the side of the first page.

Why does the new test Daphne Lab report the percentage of negative intolerances?
The negative percentage represent less intolerant foods and that they functionally are even ameliorative for the organism.

Why are some foods marked with an asterisk and a hash mark?
Foods marked with an * are those ones too acidifying altering the biological terrain and block our metabolism. But those marked with # counteract the acidity of the tissues that better regulate the metabolism. They are preferred to eat foods with #.

I made a food allergy test results and I am resulted allergic to tomatoes and citrus fruit while in the Daphne test this is absent. Why?
The BioMetaTest Daphne is a test of bioenergetics nature and it measures the percentage index of food bio intolerances and no the allergies. Different tests can give different results. It’s like a knee X-ray, a CAT scan and an MRI, at the same point, the are outlined a few things in common while other evidences resulting from tac will not result in radiography and vice versa. Each test is a point of view: they will be then three types of tests to show whether the subject is intolerant, allergic and / or lacking of digestive enzymes.
Your doctor will definitely recognize the difference between various intolerances, allergies and enzyme deficiencies, so we suggest you to always turn to him.

Why is a 4 year old child intolerant to all types of milk but not to the goat one, but unfortunately giving goat milk has had terrible shocks of diarrhea?
If goat’s milk, which by the way is one of the best ever, makes that, it must understand that diarrhea is a phenomenon improvement and not pathological. (Anyway always please you contact your pediatrician) We are used to think that every phenomenon out of the norm of our body is to consider pathology, instead it is not like that, diarrhea is a form of discharge that the body has to throw out toxins or intestinal parasites or a condition of intestinal dysbiosis. In addition, the colon is related to the skin and the child in question has skin problems, then a series of internal toxins due to a previous bad feeding or abused drugs.

After several months how can I fit into my normal feeding through the weaning program?
For the return of intolerant foods after at least 60 or 90 days of abstinence, we proceed in this way: you can enter the food that, among those intolerant, appears the less intolerant of all. So that will be introduced gradually, once a week, a food less intolerant, between intolerant ones, for each group. You always have to keep a diary of any symptoms that foods can trigger, so to observe any phenomenon of programmed introduction of foods during the week.

FAQ – Version 2.0 rev. 30/09/2015

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