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False Test?

Do not take the bait!

Because  our  company unique in the world with a patented technology that can reach more than 600 food intolerances, some scammers are trying to copy or replicate our test providing unauthorized copies of intolerance test.

Make ATTENTION to false tests!

We had information from some “fake agents” or swindlers who sell fake tests of Daphne Lab or even fake the DNA tests on some websites of promotions and discounts deceiving the consumer. We have already taken steps to make the appropriate complaints to the relevant Authorities, but if you believe that your test may be false, please contact us by filling out this form and we’ll let you know if your test is true or false.

When you turn to a professional to buy a intolerances test, always make sure who is  the company that processes the test, his credentials, his certificates, if anything  call the company and make sure that the professional point at which you are addressed  is really an agreement with them. Once you have the test, you expect always a proof of payment:  receipt, invoice and call the company to verify that really your test was processed by  Parent Company and that it is not a false artfully modified on purpose to circumvent the consumer.

If you have done our BioMetaTest  fill out the form below and we will confirm the veracity of the test.

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