DNA Tests and Nutrigenetics

DNA testing is certainly one of the highest achievements of humanity. Today it is used for many purposes, including by police in forensic genetics and in paleogenetics to trace the identity of prehistoric hominids. DNA testing is also widely used in art, nutrition, veterinary medicine, botany and even for the search for life on other planets.

DNA testing changed our perception of life.

Many pseudo laboratories unfortunately sell fake DNA tests. Therefore, before undertaking any clinical DNA test, a careful assessment of the laboratory, its credibility and reliability will be necessary. If you have performed a DNA test and are not sure of its veracity, please let us know and send us the test. We will try to help you.

Daphne Lab uses fully certified laboratories, with state-of-the-art DNA analysis systems, laboratories that work with the Forensic Police Department and with large research facilities. Our DNA tests are not sold through promotional coupons; if you have performed one of these so-called DNA tests, do not hesitate to contact our company. The test you performed might be among those included in the black list of unreliable tests. A fake DNA test could ruin your life and that of your children; choose carefully, be cautious and aware why a DNA test could reveal a serious predisposition to Celiac Disease caused by an intolerance to gluten or a lactose intolerance or some genetic mutations. That’s why we designed ELGENETIX, a nutrigenetic DNA test analyzing 21 mutations detailed explanations, a very large volume of data interpretation and the possibility of booking a visit from an expert nutritionist to solve your case or to accompany you towards a precise program of personalized genetic nutritional rebalancing.

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Predisposition to Celiac Disease: susceptibility to Celiac Disease, Celiac Disease

Lactose genetic intolerance: mutation in the LCT gene

Nutrigenetics: analysis of 21 genetic mutations

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