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Difference between food intolerance and allergies

Food allergies:  allergies  little  allergic

Is it  a basic  error or is it all a game of the big holding of the drug? The official  medicine recognized only and just only the allergies, but only recently  the technologies for the revelation of other forms of pseudo allergies defined as food intolerances  are spreading.

In truth, although being similar to the allergies, those of food intolerances are more aspects of  physiological symptoms due to a lowering of the metabolic system, differently from the allergies that are exclusively an increasing of the immunity system. Even if the two systems are straightly  connected between them, as well as  they are visually  their two respective areas  of symptoms, it is a very serious mistake on clinical and medical  plain  confusing  food intolerances with allergies. It would be like confusing  a diabetic with a celiac.

Therefore food intolerances as well as metals intoxications   or by metabolic  pollutants can induce an alteration of the functional ground of the organism and  predispose or make  more serious  an allergic pathology already existing  and claimed like that.

We will notice that  by  birch pollen allergy can be cured eliminating food intolerances that make as pillar that are at the casual base, as yeasts or legumes or some kinds of alcohol, while a strawberry allergies can be attenuated by the cure of crossed intolerances to some kind of fish. For example the allergy’s symptoms hold themselves on the pillars of asymptomatic intolerances, for this since years we talks about  pseudo allergies not allergic like  Arthur Coca defined it in 50 years  reporting to food intolerances.


To cure the allergies and food intolerance

To cure allergy  we will need so, understand own metabolic  endogenous intoxications by external pollutants as dioxins and asbestos, geopathic  fields or the exhaust  gas and  own  endogenous  intoxications  as food that we daily eat, to which we are unconscious intolerant without  realize it. To eliminate those foods for 60 days and reintroduce them with an appropriate  weaning  scheme means bring the body to a perfect balance, or at least something that resembles it.

While to fight  the most serious symptoms of allergies you can use phytotherapy complex supplements based of ribes nigrum ( black currant), always suggested by your doctor and never taken out of turn, drink many  fluids during the day and take homeopathic composites  specific to regularize their base land  to undermine the foundations of those pillars that support  showed and annoying allergies that every year and on time in every season annoy millions of people.

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