Daphne Lab launches the Nutritional Intolerance Day…

May 24th of every year is Nutritional Intolerance Day (NI-Day)!

The prevention of food, nutritional, genetic and allergic intolerances will be celebrated!

It’s called Nutritional Intolerance Day, it falls on May 24 of each year and it’s the day when pharmacies, doctors, laboratories, naturopaths and health professionals make information material available on intolerance and allergy tests. A phenomenon that, according to some studies, is growing by 10% a year and is constantly expanding.

This edition of the World Nutritional Intolerance Day focuses attention on the impact that the diagnosis and management of intolerances has on each individual, on families and on the community. Gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance food and nutritional intolerances as well as allergies, both in adults and children, are phenomena that involve not only the immune system, as was once thought, but also many other systems and often have a genetic basis.

There is still a lot of misinformation about these phenomena, both due to confusion of terminology and ignorance of the medical profession and of the experts themselves. There isn’t a single test to recognize them, some tests are absolutely false, others are unreliable and few have been recognized as true. The World Nutritional Intolerance Day initiative also aims to combat fake test promoters, who operate mainly through websites that offer discounts with coupons.

Daphne Lab, an international laboratory specializing in food and nutritional intolerances, has launched the idea of the World Nutritional Intolerance Day to be celebrated on May 24 each year. On this occasion, Daphne Lab will provide information material, courses, advice of experts and free consultations to raise awareness towards these pathological and critical phenomena that are increasingly growing.

On the Nutritional Intolerance Day everyone will be able to receive free material and advice as well as being able to fill out predictive questionnaires. Health professionals will be able to talk to experts who can better clarify the differences between tests, the physiological mechanisms that underlie these phenomena and which new protocols to apply for intolerant subjects. Even today, after years since, for the first time, dr. Luigi Di Vaia clarified the difference between allergy and Nutritional Intolerance through an equation, many experts struggle to recognize the differences and continue to confuse symptoms, causes and tests. This confusion can lead to a worsening of the causes, a recrudescence of the symptoms, but also to a clinical uncertainty that weighs heavily in this still dubious and full of unknowns area. This is why Food Intolerance Day must be a day in which all international experts, every year, can meet and discuss to improve knowledge, exchange opinions and clinical studies, protocols and.

People can heal from intolerances but it will be necessary to frame the subject’s case well and apply the correct protocol. Also, for more than 16 years, Daphne Lab has been committed, at European and global level, to debunking myths and unmasking scams, as evidenced by the various complaints against companies that have defrauded the consumers. May 24 ensures that there really will be zero tolerance!!!