Daphne Lab® and FREE FARMA in the Spanish market with food intolerance tests

The Italian company announces a partnership agreement with FREE FARMA to promote the marketing of BioMetaTests in Spanish pharmacies.

Daphne Lab®, the leading company in the third generation BioMetaTest™ sector, enters the Spanish pharmacy market thanks to the recent agreement signed with the company FREE FARMA. It is a partnership which envisages FREE FARMA’s active commitment in marketing and communication actions aimed at a network of more than 2,000 Spanish pharmacies to promote and expand awareness and the correct approach to the delicate issue of nutritional intolerances, Mineralograms and tests aimed at diagnosing intestinal dysbiosis. In particular, the activities promoted by FREE FARMA, with the advice of Daphne Lab®, will be aimed at emphasizing the differences between tests aimed at identifying allergies and the many other different types of non-specific tests dedicated to nutritional intolerances. A new promotional activity for these revolutionary tests dedicated to the investigation of food intolerances which are based on a unique worldwide patent, developed by Daphne Lab laboratories for over 15 years. It is a bio spectrophotometric investigation system of human and veterinary tissue samples for the analysis of the complex percentages of biophysical food intolerances, also called nutritional intolerances. Thanks to the Daphne Lab® BioMetaTests™, today it is possible to investigate any type of intolerance and tendency to diseases of this kind, only through the analysis of the hair or other body tissue, without the patients having to go to a laboratory. All stages of the analysis, in fact, take place remotely, by correspondence, with continuous assistance and advice also on the treatment to be followed to deal with any pathology. In this way it is possible to easily and quickly discover one’s food intolerances, keep one’s diet under control and keep fit. An innovative methodology, developed in Italy, which is now used by over 2,000 Daphne Points around the world.

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To learn more about Free Farma: www.freefarma.es