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To ensure the best Quality to our customers and our suppliers, the Daphne Lab has developed a program of maximum Quality according to ISO 9001: 2008 respecting with the European parameters, conforms to the rules of the higher institution in the field of laboratory systems and qualitative management systems.

The whole group of  Daphne lab  from years   paid  attention to the environment ‘s problems and , in the full respect of the  functional ecosystem between man and nature, it engages to follow the Ecoelia principles and to adopt a manual ISO 14001 for the management of the environmental impact. Through this credentials it is elaborated  a Service Card that ensures you the maximum of our  guarantees. The service Card is downloadable  from the Daphne Lab website  -legal notes section or download.

Daphne Lab adopted the ISO 9001 manual integrating and reinforcing our trust and transparency  relationship to the customers, with the scope to apply a politic of quality oriented to the costumer and  not to the profit. Our systems of management are controlled  by designed grids very iron defined by scientific parameters established  by the  European community. All this reentries in the ambit of the ISO 9001.  Daphne systems and all the BioTest  products respect the consumer’s code D.L.vo 6/9/05 n. 206 downloadable also from our internet  website.

It is possible to download the historian of our past certifications from the institutional website of Daphne Lab.

Applying the international rules ISO was not enough for us, so we decided to follow an Ethical card for the respect of the life’s forms, of the environment and of the eco-systems in general. Every our behavior follows the canons of the ECOELIA Card, a new reality that meets social Ethic and Environment, to reach always a balance in the business and marketing  choices. Adhering to the ECOELIA principles is a guarantee of seriousness and of respect for the next and for the ecosystem. Companies that adhere to the integrated philosophy of social Ethic and ECOELIA’s environment are companies that made a choice higher than that one of the marketing respecting spiritual and of consciousness directives that any ethical  card  prolonged till today. That one of ECOELIA is for sure an Ethics card between the newest at world!

A reliability validation to statistic scopes was confirmed by a project of a preliminary study conducted in 2008 on The Bio Test of Class M series MX of new technology PALLADIUM. After an accurate statistic study based on data of repeatability of our Bio Tests, the entities confirm that our technology arrives to have reliability and repeatability of well 94%. In the ambit of Bio Tests of unconventional medicine it is resulted that till today no other company  has ever reached.

All our BioTest Thema are produced according to European standards of safety and reliability, related according with UNI CEI ENV 13005 (guide standards  for the measure’s uncertainty).

All Daphne Lab  Thema products are registered and deposited to the SIAE. Several  registered marks  and in trade mark are of Daphne Lab’s propriety. Daphne technologies are owners, unique at world and with   patents registered to the Chamber of Commerce and  Minister of commerce and of the Factory. The patents of Daphne Lab laboratories inaugurated the third generation of tests, like unique metasubstance  PALLADIUM technology.

No  tree  was shot down to realize this  BIO Test. Our is a contribute to the safeguard of the  ecosystem of our planet, in the whole respect of the ECOELIA  Ethic Card.

Daphne Lab adheres to the project of GREENPEACE “editors for the forests” respecting the parameters of certification of quality’s  systems in the print of the Bio Tests and editorial products.


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