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Intolleranza al caffè

Coffee intolerance

It is one of the intolerance relatively frequent. According  to studies conducted on a population of 30.000 cases of tests  analyzed by Daphne Lab’s laboratories, coffee intolerance is due both for abuse and for an acidification  of tissues that the substance causes starting from the gastric wall till to the column.

The delicate  condition of the intestinal microflora is flaking when the  coffee cups are more of 4 at day. Many people that use also to sweeten the coffee with the refining white sugar (sucrose) will have more problems to go over and solve the  crossed food intolerances  with others food.

In many case, especially in nervous, vagotonic, or bilious subject, the coffee immediately after lunch can interrupt the normal bile production that favors the correct digestion. If is also true that the caffeine helps to lose weight, if we are intolerant it would be the case to eliminate coffee at least for 60 days and reassume it in little doses to climb.

Who is even allergic or intolerant after many analysis  of intolerant foods, will assume some  desensitizing and homeopathic vials to climb according  to a precise protocol to wean  the organism  to the  physiologic absorption of coffee.

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