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Intolleranza al cioccolato

Chocolate intolerance

Every year in the world if we eat a ton, from more exotic tastes, we organize international fairs and someone has made a film. The chocolate is the aphrodisiac most loved by children and adults of all  over the  world, it is used in therapeutic massage and spread even on pizza.

Just to taste they make us even chocolate vitamins, the more daring   smears it  on the banana or strawberries, there is also who spread  it on pasta or whoever abuses it  to the  ginseng or red pepper, it also gives  to the chickens for eggs light taste of chocolate. It’s always been a symbol of affection and pampers, and the chocolate is traded in the world more than coins, more used of condoms and more abused than any other drug, it is the most sensational discovery of the taste and folly world.

Yet, behind this great symbol of a return to childhood, it is hided  a disease that not everyone knows, many ignore and too many allergists are silent: intolerance to chocolate, is becoming a real epidemic in industrialized countries with a high prevalence of opulence and greed. Always more children and more adults are getting into the long tunnel of intolerance to chocolate, an annoying sub allergy and often chronic from which, however, like all intolerances can be cured through a protocol aimed of weaning created by the technical staff of the Daphne Lab, the only laboratories leaders to use the testing system of food intolerance reported on  600 foods including many types of chocolate, because you can be intolerant to certain categories of chocolate but not to all.

Chocolate seems to be a paradise of taste and soul, a secret well of the innermost fantasies of childhood, but both the dangers of GMO foods or for synthetism with which some kinds  of chocolate are industrially produced, this product is increasingly taking  a negative connotation in our immune and metabolic  system.

The steep rise of intolerance to chocolate denotes an also psychological maladjustment of  new generations to the pace of modern society and a lack of compliance with the rules of the new and changing social fabric. These deficiencies of emotional stability cause a fall of psychic fundamental pillars in the generations more youth and an increase in allergies to chocolate is just one of many symptoms with which this social phenomenon is some epicenters.

A careful study of this transactional and generational phenomenon, a clinical study on the symptoms of the various  GMO foods in chocolate and a detox diet based on liver draining as Epacyn may shed new light on these increase phenomena in allergies and intolerances to chocolate, so a day will be dominated and controlled from an early age with the use of appropriate naturopathic protocols and especially with a moderation in the use of this aphrodisiac and collegiate food that always makes us dream.

Why go back to eat chocolate, to who were intolerant, it is like returning  to dream.

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