Check Your Test

Don’t take the bait!

As our company is the only one in the world with a patented technology capable of analyzing over 600 food intolerances, some “scammers” are attempting to copy or replicate our tests by providing unauthorized copies of the Food Intolerance Test.

PAY ATTENTION to the fake tests!

We have had reports by customers from different countries (Italy, Spain, Malta, Albania, Kosovo, Croatia, Canada, United States of America) of some “false agents” or swindlers selling fake Daphne Lab tests or even fake DNA tests on some websites, deceiving the consumer. We have already taken steps to make appropriate complaints to the competent authorities, but if you believe that your test can be false, contact us by filling out this form and we will let you know if your test is authentic or is false.

When you contact a professional to purchase a Food Intolerance Test, always check which company processes the test, its credentials, its certifications. You can also call the company and make sure that the professional you have addressed is really affiliated with them. Once the test is completed, always ask for a proof of payment: receipt, invoice and call the company to verify that your test has actually been processed by them and that it is not a fake suitably modified.

If you have done our BioMetaTest, fill out the form below and we will confirm the veracity of the test.