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Immunity system

At any time, our organism is exposed to attack from pathogens, but only when we are suffering from an infectious process, we realize how essential is the organism ‘s defense system, the immune system.

The immunity system has two components: innate immunity and acquired immunity.

Before describing the mechanisms of immunity defenses is worth taking a look at the large number of pathogens that can be harmful to the organism.


It represents an indirect functional exam about the physiological effect, deficiency of minerals in the organism. Even it reveals eventual toxic minerals.

Daphne lab mineral analysis supplies an energetic functional reading of the minerals’s deposit in cells. This screening test, doesn’t give a diagnosis of a disease or a pathologic condition, but it makes a main role in the prevention and in the early diagnosis of psycho-physic disturbances.


FOOD INTOLERANCES, I eat therefore I am … the five secrets of the Zen

I eat therefore I am is taken from the ancient and famous phrase of Descartes on the awareness. Not surprisingly the plot of the book Food Intolerances is about how the awareness performs its crystalline role of spectator in the events of the world to be then attacked and alchemically transmuted by the same food that the body is nourished.


Bach Flowers

Short history

Edward Bach was born in 1886 in Wales, he was an eminent physician immunologist, pathologist and bacteriologist.
Introduced himself in parallel to the practice of medicine, to the study of homeopathy and following the principle of Hahnemann (the father of homeopathy) that “it is necessary first of all to cure the patient of the disease” enunciated that “no matter what might be the symptoms or diseases of a person, but what is the imbalance which is in the psyche of the patient and first of all rebalance it. ”
In fact, for the Dr. Bach diseases “are the physical manifestations of a negative state of mind”, so that, for example, (as indeed recent studies of psycho – neuro – immunology are gradually confirming) anxiety, concerns, impatience …


Iron metabolism

The iron, atomic weight 55.8, is present in the human body in the amount of 4-5 grams, three quarters of which used for the formation of hemoglobin, essential metal-protein for the transport of the oxygen to the tissues.

Is introduced into the body with foods, both animal and vegetable, and vitamin C favors the absorption.


Food intolerances

A food can hurt you without you know it.

Many of you are not sick in a specific way, but suffer from persistent disturbance and upset that they cannot get on top, that’s because many of you may actually suffer from a food intolerance, i.e to be intolerant to one or more of those foods that daily we consumes at the table.

These people usually accuse these disorders for years and years, trying every type of care (also the so called “alternative”) without being able to see that everything can depend by some food badly accept by their organism.


Intestinal bacterial flora

To best perform its metabolic activities, the digestive system requires the presence of a series of bacteria, known by the name of “intestinal microflora”, that promote the processes of transit, absorption and transport. There are many scientific studies that have found an increased risk of certain diseases in people who have impaired intestinal flora.


Sport physiology

Sportive Thema 03 VMA is a new Biotest of Daphne laboratories that supplies functional information the charge of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids. It is possible, also, understanding The metabolism of the sugar and their intrinsic mechanism in the regulation of the efforts in rest conditions, aerobic sport and anaerobic sport. Percentege indicators of the right consumes of sugar and the regulation of the churges of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino acids make this Biotest unique and new.


Digestive enzymes

It is a digestive enzyme able to separate the oligosaccharides and polysaccharides in more little compounds (disaccharide). The serum amylase is mainly produced in the pancreas and in the parotid glands. An increase of the amylase can also establish in the inflammatory lesions of salivary glands, peptide ulcer, intestinal obstruction, gallstones, aneurysm of the aorta, peritonitis, acute appendicitis, brain trauma, burns , traumatic shock. There is a small variation in the case of tube-ovarian abscess. The hyperamylasemia can be associated to the hyperthyroidism.
Increased levels of amylasemia can be formed during pregnancy and in the alcoholics. Morphine, codeine, clorotiazine , pentazocine , corticosteroids, oral contraceptives, pancreozymin , secretine can raise the levels of amylase.



The Aromatherapy, which has ancient origins, is pursuing the harmony of body, mind and spirit, resulting, for example, one of the most effective natural methods to relieve stress related to disturbances.
It is based on the use of essential oils, which, extracted from trees, flowers and shrubs, have a unique peculiar chemical composition.
Essential oils, which derive their therapeutic qualities from the many oligos elements and organic compounds containing, they are real concentrated of energy (for example, indeed, they need of thousands of petals to extract a single drop of rose oil) that contain all the properties and quality of the plant from which they come from.


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