BioMetaTests of Food Intolerances

Eating intolerant foods you acquire a greater predisposition to the weight gain and also they are manifested  also  a series of acute and chronic diseases such as headaches, gastritis, intestinal dysbiosis, arthritis, acne, etc.

Food intolerances are the “disease of the century”, due by  the consumption and  the industrialization of the food. Into industrialized countries, food intolerances have increased beyond measures.

There is an infinite multitude of tests that analyze food intolerances, they  are all valid, but each one examines one aspect: some of them  consider  the immune reaction, others  the inflammatory answer, other ones make valuations on the metabolic or bioenergy plain and more others on kinesiology tests.

In the case of food intolerances the food regime must be changed and  we have to follow an adequate wellness program. In any wellness program aimed at health and wellness, food intolerances play a fundamental role of foreground.

What food are you intolerant to? What food does you make fat? Is your diet effective? These are the fundamental questions that they asked to us when we feel the first symptoms of food intolerances.

The Thema 01 of bio food intolerances is able to provide a table of foods to which you are intolerant, an interpretative evaluation, an analysis of values useful to your doctor,  a personalized diet,  a health program; no other test provides you a set so rich.

The BioMeta Test for food intolerances of Daphne Lab’s laboratories  is the first and the only one in the world to supply the analysis of more than 600 foods, to be translated into 5 languages ​​and have a multinational spread in about 41 countries of the planet.

The only laboratory with specialized patents for  the analysis of this kind of test that many competitors have not been able to absolutely imitate. The only one  technology that reaches levels of analysis much wider than those actual in the same sector. It is demonstrated by studies of repeatability of 94% conducted by National Health facilities.