BioMetaTest of Mineralogram and toxic metals

Our organic structure is made by 80% of water and 19% minerals. The minerals play an important role in the working mechanisms of the human metabolism. The Minerals control some reactions,  triggering the immunity system in cases of attack by diseased cells or tumor cells, are essential in the structure of our body and of our skeleton, oversee important metabolic processes.

The mineralogram test allows you to know how your endocrine system works and how to take care of yourself in the best way.

The Thema 02 mineralogram, will allow you  to see inside yourself, to check your current health status and the trends to future diseases, through minerals, oligos- elements and toxic metals’s analysises.

Also, the mineralogram, with the analysis of toxic metals, will allow you to determine the cause of many functional diseases and how to detoxify you! Often it is used in degenerative diseases, in cases of autism or predisposition to serious diseases caused by heavy metals or environmental poisonings.

The BioMetaTest of Mineralogram consists of several panels: the panel of the ponderal minerals that will permit you  to discover minerals in excess, in deficiency, how to introduce them  with feeding  and how to assume them through the food supplements’ s usage.The panel of toxic metals. The Panel of oligos- elements and therefore of your personal diathesics trend .A personal relationship to your metabolic state on the base of  relationships between minerals.  At the end a food detoxifying program.