BioMetaTest of Intestinal Dysbiosis

The 60% of the diseases depends on an intestinal dysbiosis, ie by a wrong balance of the intestinal flora, and from all that unbalances our delicate intestinal metabolism, as acidic-alkaline ambient and digestive metabolism.

In our organism live  400 different families of bacteria; until it is preserved the balance ,it isn’t triggered any disease, when only one kind of bacteria  prevails on the others, the equilibrium is dangerously compromised.

What are the diseases related to intestinal dysbiosis?

The dysbiosis leads to many levels of diseases: immunity system deficiencies, a bad absorption of nutritive principles, early aging, mood swings, tiredness, headaches, gastritis problems, colitis, difficult digestion,till to possible colon  and stomach cancers.

Our digestive system plays a key role in the keeping of a good state of health, when the balance is altered because of a dysbiosis, they are triggered  pathological chain reactions!

The BioMetaTest of intestinal dysbiosis is composed of a series of panels of Bio analysis that analyze: the criticality of the single digestive organs, the toxins that should be accumulated in the intestinal tract, the criticality of the intestinal flora,the metabolism of the intestinal immunity system,  the digestive enzymes, a graphic synthesis,  indexes of intestinal  dysbiosis and carriers of previsions on the pathological plan.

A unique test in its genres and extremely innovative, complete and rich in every detail, with suggests, analysis, information and  the possibility of a personalized nutritional consultancy by an our expert on the intestinal dysbiosis.

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