Bio Tests of Third Generation

Long time ago…
The first  that started studies on the semiotic of intolerance tests was dc. Arthur Coco in 1956

…it was the First Generation
It was the first generation of Food Intolerances Tests
Today still they are defined of the  first generation those that use the listening wrist, the measure of the kinesiology muscle’s strength, the reading of the hand,  the iris, the body, and all empirical methods with a very high error index.

There were bioelectric machines like Vega, Eav, Mora,ecc…
It is the second generation of the Food  Intolerance Tests, a revolution for that time.

Flat waves
These tools, today, still  very used and spread,  use  flat waves of electric signals.

Too many errors
Practically  they are simple Milliammeters, some of which are very sensible.
In 2008  ASL and AIAS’s (Italian Governmental  Health Entities) studies showed that the second generation of Foods  Intolerances Tests, have an error’s estimation  of 56%.

A piece  was missed
Finally  in 2004,   Daphne Lab laboratories  patent an innovative and revolutionary  system in the ambit of analysis  of food intolerances.

Palladium Technology
A Metasubstance system that amplifies the wave in  more dimension and analyzes more values of the food with  an precision higher  than all the expectations.

Third Generation
It is  started a new time of Food Intolerances Tests: The Third Generation of Food Intolerances Tests.
Today , studies conducted by ASL sanitary entity and by  AIAS search entity (Italian Governmental Health Entities) established  that the Third Generation of the analysis of foods intolerance  reaches a repeatability of 94% against 44% of repeatability  of the bioelectric machines of second generation.
The 94% of repeatability and  scientific reliability signed by ASL protocols is a so satisfying datum that according to  a market search, with the Third Generation of Tests, in 2009 the pharmacies and Italian doctors will turn to the MX Test system. Recycling  the old bioelectric machine.

A forward step
A forward step  in the technology of analyses evolution.
A New Time of Bio Tests in the field of the preventive and functional medicine.

All Latin name for the new technology that is on the base of the system of Daphne Lab Laboratories: Stratified  Metasubstance Palladium Technology.

Daphne Lab BioMetaTests
The advantage of the Third Generation of  Tests is the fact that the report of the  Daphne food intolerances, arrives to measure 600 foods, 6 biological indexes, personalized gymnastic tables, personal diet, integrated wellness protocol, and more than this in just only one analysis
Even the foods intolerances analyses it is possible also to request mineralogram test, intestinal Dysbiosis test, sport test and 18 different  typologies of metabolic tests …in the same request.
The third generation of analysis systems is upsetting all what was known on the analysis  and on the systems of  the subject’s valuation  and therapeutic treatments.
They are called BioMetaTests MX and they are the most advantage BioTests on the market and the cheapest to efficiency.