Bach Flowers

Short history

Edward Bach was born in 1886 in Wales, he was an eminent physician immunologist, pathologist and bacteriologist.
Introduced himself in parallel to the practice of medicine, to the study of homeopathy and following the principle of Hahnemann (the father of homeopathy) that “it is necessary first of all to cure the patient of the disease” enunciated that “no matter what might be the symptoms or diseases of a person, but what is the imbalance which is in the psyche of the patient and first of all rebalance it. ”
In fact, for the Dr. Bach diseases “are the physical manifestations of a negative state of mind”, so that, for example, (as indeed recent studies of psycho – neuro – immunology are gradually confirming) anxiety, concerns, impatience …

… Weak at the point where the individual vitality that the body loses its natural defenses becoming vulnerable to infection and other disease states. Dedicating himself in the last years of his life almost entirely in search of a method of treatment from the natural kingdom aimed to harmonizing “the mindset” of the sicks, he worked and practiced what was later called the “flower therapy of Dr. Bach.” This is still studied and practiced by many doctors in the world, especially in England where even Charles K. Elliott, court physician of Queen Elizabeth II, is enthusiastic proponent.

“We have to seek inner peace, with all our strength. We imagine that our spirit is like a smooth surface lake, without waves or ripples that will disturb the serenity “.


The flowers are used mainly to balance the emotional state, that once back in harmony, often also solves problems at the physical level.

According to the holistic and psychosomatic vision, (Bach was one of the fathers of Psychosomatics), the body and the mind move in different planes, the mental and the physical, but even if it occurs in both their symptoms on different floors, they are actually the expression of a single process of discomfort or wellness depending on the circumstances. The ancient Romans said “mens sana in corpore sano”

The flower helps to understand that you don’t need the symptoms to hold their balance, because it is also a way to get sick it is also a way, and the only one,that in that moment permit us to feel paradoxically well, even if we don’t f ell good with ourselves .

Bach flowers, administered to children, animals and plants, have effect and this shows that there are not a placebo.

(you can easily administer both babies to pregnant and during the nursing , without fearing side effects)


Flower therapy is a simple and natural method. The essence of the method Bach, are extracted only from wild flower petals.

The 38 remedies treat the personality disorders that generate the disease. Always, the man has used medicinal herbs to cure himself, this method makes use of the energy of the flowers, which help to balance the negative moods.

The ills of which we all suffer are not absolutely separated from our way of being, of living and feeling, the disease is not only the inconvenience of a single organ, but it is the disharmony of mind-body-spirit, when we get sick it is essential to stop, and try to examine the causes of our inner sufferings, identify what are the knots that bind us and limit us.

Symptoms are the alarm bells, it is coded messages that the body sends us to tell us that something in our way of life is wrong and must be corrected.

The task of the Therapist is to know how to listen and understand the complexity of the person who is in front of him, and recommend strategies to help him regain his balance.

When you feel sick, not centered, it would be good analyze us and see to change some bad habits, and also understand why and what is the origin of certain behavior not “properly healthy” for us.

Our organism always tends to the equilibrium, even when it puts in place self-destructive behaviors, because in that way is looking for a balance with what he has at his disposal.

To improve is good to focus on what are the reasons that underlie certain behaviors and analyze our own, our mind. Understand what the root causes, which are the life, food, emotional, work, family styles, which eventually led us to get sick.

The disease is nothing but a sign of the soul, the physical pain is the same psychic pain that we have not wanted or been able to listen, we have relegated far into consciousness in an attempt to eliminate it, but the same problem if not addressed and reworked, it will be presented in the body and will represent always, until we have solved our internal problems. The healer is within us, it assist us in our human fulfillment. Happiness is to follow their own path, self-fulfillment, to follow their inner voice and be what we really are, free from any conditioning. The flowers of Bach offer us the opportunity to take back the reins of our lives, to be active and responsible for our change, healing means healing ourselves in both physical and psychic sense.

Bach flowers act through a vibrational resonance, putting in the right agreement our emotional waves, they act on a “thin” plan on the side of energy, bringing again the balance also to the body as well, because our system is a nervous system and psycho- neuro-immuno-hormonal, and although no one knows scientifically how the flowers act, the fact is that the Flowers work, if correctly identified, always.


The foundation of Flower Therapy, is that the disease often arises from a psychological and emotional conflict, which, persisting in time, somatization physical level.

The flowers with their energy, purify us from our negative emotions, free us from the old mental schemes that bind us, helping us to regain the lost balance.

Alone, Bach Flowers don’t make miracles, we need our serious interior effort, so that the change will be done. It is not enough, too treat only the physical symptoms, but you should find out what lies behind it and understand which is the inner discomfort that has originated that given malaise.
Indeed, if we take care of the disease, with the pills we cared only the body, but not the true root cause, and then the symptom will recur somewhere or with illness increasingly persistent. The healing takes place in the body when you have the healing of the spirit. Indeed, if our Soul and our Personality are in harmony, all is joy, peace, happiness and health; what help to make the flowers of Bach is to change our point of view and live events for what they are: a lesson, for how hard and painful it may be.
The moods such as worry, fear, impatience, sadness, anxiety, panic, insomnia, uncertainty, loneliness, lack of interest for the present, the hyper sensitivity, discouragement, depression, tiredness … are at the basis of common physical symptoms.
The flowers only serve to develop the corresponding positive quality, and as a catalyst restore that balance that somehow it was cracked.

They have no contraindications with any therapy, be it herbal, homeopathic, allopathic, instead normally they facilitate the therapeutic effect of drugs accelerating the healing. All of us, before we get sick warned a time when we felt “strange”, not quite in shape, exhausted, nervous, and it is just in those moments that we should stop, listen to your body signals, interpret them correctly.

“The true healing can be obtained from the well that takes the place of the evil, from the light that takes the place of the dark … The disease appears when there is disharmony in ourselves … between our mortal being and the divinity that is inside us … “(Edward Bach from” Free Yourself “)

The disease in its deeper meaning is not just a collection of symptoms, but it is the result of our inner conflict and only when we reach the harmony between our deadly and spiritual part, we will restore our health. The purpose of the disease is not to punish us , but to make us understanding that any mistake we make, this has an impact on us, causing us unhappiness, despondency, depression, insecurity, anger … and all these negative emotions are the basis of our state of inner discomfort and disease ..

The care of a part of the body, should not be undertaken without the treatment of the whole.
So for the head and body are well, you have to start to heal the mind, that is the first thing. “(Plato)

Bach flowers are 38 “essences” that are able to help healing organic disease, starting from the energy balance of the person himself. According to Edward Bach nature is simple and also the remedies should be so. Each of us is nothing but a part of the whole, a tile in the mosaic global. Each of us is connected to the other through a common vibration, and in this context, each of us has a mission, he had a specific job to do in this life. We are made of the immortal Soul and the mortal Body, our higher self knows our mission. When you create a fracture, because the personality does not live in harmony with the cosmic energy field, but instead live in illusion of a separate existence, here takes over the disease, when there is a departure and a negative distortion by divine laws, vibration changes, they are creeped inner discomfort, feelings such as worry, fear, dissatisfaction, impatience, sadness, anxiety, restlessness, anxiety, unfounded fears, self-centeredness, the greed, a sense of inadequacy, jealousy, regret, tiredness, shyness, panic, indecision … and when all these emotions persist over time these creep into the body until it flows into symptom …

The flowers with their vibrations restore the lost balance, and balancing the contact with our higher self, help to find the corresponding positive energy, and mental improvement will come as a result of a physical improvement.

The Bach flower remedies act as catalysts to subtle levels, not only does not have any interference with the therapies, but generally accelerate the therapeutic effect of the drugs and consequently the healing.


Edward Bach climbed to 38 EMOTIONAL SITUATIONS, each represented by single flowers, as it became aware of the correspondence between mood and disease. The reaction depends on the individual state of mind, which, when it is not in balance, can affect the health state, until to establish a pathologic condition; if this state of mind is changed we have a global transformation and a return to the equilibrium.

According to Bach each flower carries a well-defined message , it has a vibrational quality which has a positive effect on our mood, putting us in the right emotional resonance. He chose only the wildflowers, because loads of a special healing energy.

Bach identified twelve negative moods, which were related to the first essences tested by him.

1. Fear
2. Terror
3. Mental torture or preoccupation
4. Indifference or boredom
5. Doubt or discouragement
6. Indecision
7. Excessive enthusiasm
8. Discouragement
9. Weakness
10. Lack of trust in themselves
11. Excessive preoccupation
12. Pride or indifference

For Bach, the various human characteristics are reflected in the flowers themselves, and for each family of flowers he prepared several remedies in relation to the changes of the main tracts of the personality. Although superficially these remedies may seem very similar, at an accurate observation you will notice the existence of subtle but important differences. The remedies help to emphasize the positive aspects of his character at the same time mitigating the negative and dangerous trends.

If the personality depends by the way you deal with life and the way we relate with others, the constitution will depend on the ability of resistance to disease. If a strong constitution can withstand some pressure without wavering, except when it wears out, a weak constitution is more sensitive to the disease. Genetically inherited weaknesses are called miasma. Flower essences can eliminate the miasmas from the system because once filtered physically, immediately put in motion a process of rebalancing and realignment, which will end in a few days.

Flower essences have been grouped into seven groups (seven is the number that is, in Jewish tradition, God in his prime)

1. Flowers for fear
2. Flowers for uncertainty
3. Flowers for the insufficient interest for the present
4. Flowers for solitude
5. Flowers for the unusual
6. Flowers to discouragement and despair
7. Flowers for the excessive concern for others

The 38 flowers



Rock Rose
Terror, panic, states of extreme anxiety, phobias, nightmares, emergency, fear of death.
Surrendering to fate, detachment and readiness in case of emergency, courage.

All the fears of the world to which you can give a name, for example, fear of the animal, the cold,
the future, the disease, new situations, shyness, hypersensitive with senses (cold, noise, light etc.), nervousness.
Understanding, calm, confidence, courage.

Cherry Plum
Fear of losing control, of strong emontion, of his impulsiveness, own anger, madness; paranoia, tension, despair.
Relying in God’s hands and let go ourselves, mental stability.

Vague fear and unknown, flicker, premonitions,
anxiety, nightmares, collective fears, superstition, nervousness.
Courage to face the unknown.

Red Chestnut
Hyper-preoccupation for loved ones, fears the worst for their loved ones, anxiety, despair.
Give the freedom to those who love to make their way, confidence, inner peace.



Doubtful, continuously seeks advice, distrust in their own intuition, weak character, influenced, uncertainty.
Trust in themselves and in their intuition, contact with the collective unconscious, certainty, inspiration, wisdom.

Stuck between two possibilities, tries to arrive at a solution by himself, swings from one extreme to the other both emotionally and physically, balance problems.
Inner balance, clarity.

Pessimistic, skeptical, reacts with depression, every little task is seen as a great weight, easily discouraged when faced with problems, uncertainty and doubt for lack of confidence.
Trust and faith in the future and to overcome obstacles.

Hopeless, desperate, depressed, resigned, disappointed, but is convinced against his conviction.
Hope, optimism, acceptance of one’s fate.

Mental tiredness, confusion, depression or mental stress from the monotony of routine, unsure how to face the day, difficulty of concentration.
Strength and vitality, load mentally.

Wild oat
Has found his vocation in life, dissatisfied, bored, he cannot choose between many possibilities.
Perceive and realize their vocation, combine all the talents.

Lack of interest in this


Escape from reality into a fantasy world, distracted, inattentive, dreamer, slow, tired from lack of vitality, pale, lack of concentration and memory.
Positive relationship with life and with your body, creative, attention.

Escape into the past, nostalgia, melancholy regret, longing for home, he does not want to forget.
Being in the present, relationship with the time, including the lesson of the done experience.

Wild Rose
Resignation, apathy, passivity, sadness, indifference, inwardly empty, tiredness, lack of vitality.
Interest to life, life energy, love for life

Total exhaustion, physical and mental tiredness, everything is seen as too much, just want to sleep no more interest in the world.
Strength and vitality, can handle the vital energy.

White Chestnut
Persistent thoughts or preoccupation, mental tension, confusion, difficulty of concentration and listening, despair of mental torment.
Mental calm, mind control.

Cyclical depression, deep and dark, melancholy, it appears and disappears apparently for no reason, wrapped in the dark has no more interest in the world.
Inner stability, serenity, joy, peace.

Chestnut Bud
Poor observation of life, think too much to the future, anxious not to make it in time, impatience, haste, repeating the same mistakes, learning difficulties.
It includes lessons of life, attention.



Egocentrism, unable to hear and perceive others, talkativeness, hypochondria, the needy child, he moves like in a cage made of their own problems, unable to stay alone.
comprehensive, knows how to listen, takes care of others, inner tranquility.

Impatience, mental tension, impulsive and impatient, irritable.
Quick in thought and action, comprehensive and patience.

Water Violet
He retires with a sense of superiority, pride, feeling that they no longer speak, wants to be alone, inner loneliness, he doesn’t fell understood.
Openness, humility, communication, wisdom, tolerance.



Inner torment, anxiety, mask of happiness, not outside their own problems, a tendency to blow off the drug (food, smoking, alcohol, etc.), fear of abandonment, avoids conflict.
Inner peace, calm, contentment, self-esteem.

Do not say no, impressionable, weak character, tired, servile, acts to please others, exploited by others, neglects himself and his needs, is canceled.
Ability to take your own space and give limits, the making themselves useful to others at the base of own inner and physical strength.

Hypersensitive and easily influenced by others, in times of great change; lack of protection, difficulties to cut old ties and habit, lack of clarity to make a change.
Cool, protected from outside influences, open to change.

Feels excluded and insecure of love, emotional and impulsive; jealousy, hate, envy, revenge, anger, rage, hardened heart.
Divine love, awareness of the unity inner harmony, open heart.

Discouragement & Despair


Lack of self-trust, insecurity, inferiority complex, there are fears of failure, self-restraint, despair.
Self-trust, spontaneous self-esteem.

Feeling guilty, to blame themselves, to criticize themselves, tough and hard with himself, he is feared to look bad, shame for his own mistakes, anxiety, to be charged with responsibility and faults of others, depression, despair.
Forgiveness, humility, freedom from guilt, understanding the teaching of the errors.

Feeling themselves too responsible, overwhelmed by the duties and responsibilities, tiredness, momentary exhaustion, discouragement and doubt to be up to the undertaken tasks.
Altruism and balanced sense of responsibility, the responsibility to live with trust, groped for the impossible, reliability.

Sweet Chestnut
Deep despair, feeling of having reached the limit of endurance, there is no more hope, feeling an inner emptiness and absolute solitude, is believed to be abandoned by God, you no see the sense of the future any more, lost within.
Rebirth, faith, spiritual experience, it rekindles hope and vision of the future.

Star of Bethlehem
Useful after a shock, spiritual mental and physical trauma, paralysis, sadness, despair, anguish, fear, past experience both old and recent.
Unlocking, surmounting and integration of trauma, consolation of soul.

Victimhood, lamentation, bitterness, anger, envy, the world is blamed for their own destiny, a sense of injustice, bitterness, resentment, despair.
Awareness of responsibility for their own life, he reacts in taking control of their lives.

Sense of duty, never gives up, chronic tiredness, you ignore the need to repose, it is not recognized own limits.
Strength, strength, tenacity, courage, acceptance and recognition of own limits.

Crab Apple
Feeling dirty and impure, they are not accept the physical limits, shame for the body, obsessed by detail and cleanliness.
Purity and natural candor, order balance, acceptance of diversity, feeling comfortable in the body.

Excessive care for the other


Possessive towards the family, in need of attention and affection, manipulates the emotions of others for their own needs and desires, give to receive, whimsical, mother needy, self-centeredness, self-pity, attachment, fear of abandonment.
Selfless love, to feel good about himself, love and dedication, warmth, motherhood.

Excessive enthusiasm, fanaticism, looking with great power to convince others of his ideas, too much will, impulsive, fight for the right idea.
Tolerance, comprehension, recognition of other ideas and truth.

Ambition for power, dominant, selfish, ruthless tyrant,
He does not admit discussion, “always right”, rigid, tense, impulsive.
Comprehension, authority, wisdom.

Intolerant to the defects of others, arrogant, note first the mistakes, prejudices, criticism, an unusual environment both physical and social, irritable, dissatisfied.
Tolerance, comprehension.

Rock Water
Hard and hard with himself, renouncing to his own desires, sacrifice, great will, discipline, spiritual perfectionism.
Flexibility, harmony between spirit and body.

Rescue is the remedy created by Dr. E. Bach for the case of emergency, composed by five essences of flowers.

1. Star of Bethlehem for the shock
2. Rock Rose for panic and fear
3. Impatiens for the tension and mind stress
4. Cherry Plum for fear to lose control
5. Clematis to the loosing of knowledge and confusion

It is useful to assume it in case of accident , bad news, difficult moments to face, after a fight, before an exam.

The Rescue Remedy pomade contains a sixth remedy “ Crab Apple” and it can be apply locallyon the inflamed skin, damaged, of sunburn abrasion etc.

The preparation for the daily use is different from the others: in the usual little bottle from 30ml full of
Mineral water and one or two teaspoon of brandy, as preservative, they are added 2 drops for each essence or 4 drops of the preparation Rescue Remedy.

To give a fast relief to some between the most common disturbances we have prepared a short guide with the indication about Flowers of Bach

aggression, tantrums Beech Vine + Holly+ Cherry+ Plum
various allergies Crab Apple+ Cherry Plum+ Agrimony
anorgasmia Elm+ Gentian + Olive
arthritis Beech + Rock Water + Violet Water
Asthma Mimulus + Aspen +Chicory + Heather+ Cherry Plum
Auto aggression Pine + Rock water
bronchitis Holly + Crab Apple
Cardiopathy Holly + Chicory + Vine
bad memory Clematis + Bud Chestnut+ White Chestnut
biliary colic Willow + Crab Apple + Impatiens
renal colic Holly +Elm + Impatiens + Cherry Plum
muscle cramps Impatiens + Mimulus
weakness by anemia Larch + Sweet Chestnut
Diabetes Walnut+ Chicory
diarrhea Rescue Remedy + Crab Apple + Agrimony
disturbances of pregnancy Rescue Remedy +Walnut
menopausal disturbances Walnut + Scleranthus+ Gentian
disturbances resulting from epilepsy Clematis + Scleranthus + Cherry Plum
genital disturbances Pine + Crab Apple + Star of Bethlehem
toothache Crab Apple + Holly +Impatiens
knee pain Walnut + Rock Water + Water Violet+ Wild Rose
Premature ejaculation Impatiens + Larch+ Mimulus
hemorrhoids Honeysuckle +Vine + Elm + Rock Water
bedwetting Cherry Plum +Heather
excessive hunger Heather+ Agrimony + Vervain + Cherry Plum
fever Rescue Remedy + Holly + Crab Apple
frigidity Centaury + Cherry Plum + White Chestnut
impotence Larch + Centaury
nightmares Rock Rose + Aspen
insomnia Agrimony + White chestnut + Vervain
intolerances Beech + Vervain + Gorse
intoxication Rescue Remedy + Crab Apple + Olive
hypochondria Heather + Mimulus + Chicory
seasickness – by car, by plane Scleranthus + Walnut
headache – migraine Holly +Impatiens + Pine (+ Scleranthus)
unconsciousness Larch +Clematis
high blood pressure Vine + vervain + Chicory
high blood pressure Vine + Vervain
alcoholism Agrimony + Impatiens + Cherry Plum
sciatica Mimulus + Impatiens + Cherry Plum
sense of repentance star of Bethlehem + Walnut + Scleranthus
drowsiness Hornbeam + Gentian + Clematis
sore shoulder Holly + Pine + Honeysuckle
persistent tiredness Hornbeam Oak + + Olive
constipation Crab Apple + Chicory
tonsillitis Crab Apple + Chicory +Holly
trauma, shock Rescue Remedy
memory lapse Clematis + Chestnut Bud + Honeysuckle

Following the dictates of Traditional Chinese Medicine we know that in the body there are seven plexuses or centers,
in which energy is concentrated and then be distributed to the entire network of meridians. The meridians of energy are nothing but invisible roads along which energy flows, an energy not only physical (organs in movement), but also emotional.
“The energy produced by emotions and that of thought remain invisible, but have their own correspondents in the central nervous system; these three systems start from the base of the spine and come together in the optic chiasm, under the callosum corpus which divides the two cerebral hemispheres. From this point, the nerve fibers are grouped into six ganglia which in turn are found in correspondence of the organs and of the main glands of the endocrine system. Each of these seven plexuses controls, among other things, also the functioning of the endocrine glands and the corresponding organs.
The energy flows, that trough the nervous termination and the ganglia reach gland and organs product several emotive states, so also mental: every unbalance in the energy flow can determinate an unbalanced secretion of hormones by a gland or more glands associated.”

This energetic plexus are they are mostly known with the name of “Chakra” which in Sanskrit means wheel or vortex. We try to resume in short the characteristic of this plexus to deepen then the therapeutic of the corresponding flowers.


The first Chakra is placed at the coccyx level, so at the base of the spine. To it are anatomically attached the adrenal glands.

The second Chakra is placed in correspondence of the navel area. To it are anatomically attached the sexual glands, uterus, prostate, bladder and colon. And the point of Mig Men or source of life, from which we derive our energy at birth.

The third Chakra is placed next to the Lumbar vertebrae, three fingers above the navel, where the human body can be bent in two. It are anatomically attached to the Kidneys, the Tenous Intestine, the Spleen, the Pancreas, the Liver, the Biliary and the Stomach.

The fourth Chakra is placed in the middle of the chest, behind the breastbone. It is anatomically connected with the Heart, with the Lungs, the Timo.

The fifth Chakra is placed to the throat level, in corresponding to the cervical vertebrae. It is anatomically connected with the Thyroid, the Parathyroid, the Larynx.

The sixth Chakra is set amid the brow bridges. It is anatomically connected with the Hypothalamus, the Cerebral Nerves, the Pituitary gland that through a feed-back secretes hormones able to affect the entire endocrine system and be in turn controlled.

The seventh Chakra is also called Crown and it is placed to the summit of the head. It is anatomically attached with the Cerebral Cortex, with the Epiphysis ( pineal gland) and the Hypothalamus.


It is absolutely necessary to ask immediate medical intervent if the person is very ill, but waiting that the help arrives, to re-balance the energy levels can be administered Rescue Remedy.

The flowers in this remedy are:

Cherry Plum, for fear to lose control, helps to re-have the calm
Clematis, for fainting, to avoid losing consciousness and to reactivate the mental faculties
Impatiens, to recover from mental tension and to relax the muscles, for agitation
Rock Rose against the state of panic, terror, fear uncontrollable
Star of Bethlehem, to recover from the emotional shock, the physical and mental trauma

You can take in serious situations, such as accidents, fears, traumas, physical stresses, such as falls and injuries, or psychological stress as quarrels, you visit the dentist, job interview, exame, bad news, bereavement, hearings, cases of separation, or sudden illness as a headache after a rage, or in the case of opposition.

The remedies they can also take on as they are, or if the person is unable to swallow, and he lost consciousness, you put a few drops on the lips to moisten or on temples, or wrists, or forehead, or behind ears.

When you need the Rescue Remedy is also used in addition to other preparations of Bach Flowers

The preparations Rescue Remedy, like all of Bach flower essences have no contraindication with medical therapies that you are following, as it does not act on the physical but on the energy, can be used with extreme safety and tranquility.

How Bach flowers are used

For first thing, we analyze the 38 essences and it is chosen the flower or the flowers that correspond to our blocked emotion, so as to flow through the intake of the preparation, the positive energy correspondent.

It is used a dark 30 ml or 50 ml bottle with dropper, to which is added 1 teaspoon brandy, or 2 teaspoons Maple juice for those who do not tolerate alcohol, (the proportion is :1/4 of alcohol, 3/4 of water) so as to allow the stability in preservation of the remedy for at least one month, or two, it is added natural mineral non-carbonated water, where the water acts as an energy vehicle, and then put at the end 2 or 4 drops of each essence taken from the original remedy.

4 drops as to be be placed under the tongue, to enable a rapid assimilation of the preparation, the daily frequency must be at least 4 times a day, to allow the healing action of the flowers, where if the need is felt, it can be taken with a more frequency, whenever it proves the need.

The assumption of the remedies has no contraindication with medical therapies, they are run dangers of overdose, as they act at the energy level and not a chemical level, if a flower is not necessary simply it does not act.


They will take 4 drops of the compound under tongue for at least 4 times a day, morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and at night before bed, and whenever they feel the need. But why go to take effect at least respected the timing and amount of intake

In states of emergency it puts the remedy in a glass of water and it will sip from 4 to 6 times during the day.