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If you are a health professional? Welness Operator? Subscribe to our circuit Daphne Point, you will receive a series of benefits …

Pharmacies, Doctors, Herbalists, Wellness Operators, Naturopaths, Homeopaths and all categories of health and wellness circuit, including fitness, physical therapists,  aesthetic medicine and centers and health clinics. All professionals can apply for membership to the “circuit of Daphne Point” and become part of the big family of professional operators.

Our professionals will receive material, updates, can participate to training courses and be abreast with new bio-analytical systems of third generation of the wide range of Daphne Lab services.

We work every day and all over the world, to be a support to find your best physical and mental wellness. Our test will help you to discover food intolerances, to chart your mineralogram or to value the conditions of intestinal dysbiosis.

Our tests meet the quality systems UNI EN ISO 9001 and related studies by research institutes of Health National 94% repeatability.

One of the primary objectives  of our work is to disseminate fundamental information in food education, which is the primary basis from childhood to conserve over time a good physical fitness, health and wellness. The food is in fact a fundamental determinant for our wellness, where  for food we intend to not only the food that we  normally eat, but also our eating habits, the way we cook, chew, the quantity and quality of time that we devote to food : in short  our style with which we approach the table.

All these factors are the discriminant that we use in the cataloging of “healthy eating” and “live long”. Unfortunately, beliefs, theories, traditions, stereotypes, often negatively act in the way we relate to food. A  continuing correct, up to date information is fundamental to correct wrong  eating habits, to reduce the risk of diseases and the food intolerance. Also that’s why  Daphne Lab has promoted the project Menu of Health.

Minimize the use of red meat, fried foods, dairy products, foods high in fat and sugars and too salty foods, is a guarantee of wellness and longest life. A healthy diet, in which there is a strong presence of fruit, vegetables and legumes help to improve our health, prevent disease and organ dysfunction, significantly improve our mental wellness. And if accompanied by a good indication of food intolerances, knowing what to avoid and what to eat, we have an excellent integration.

Eating in a hasty manner, limiting the time for chewing, or to associate the food with moments of outburst of anger or depression, can cause damage to the digestive system and increase the degree of  emotional stress. The quantity and quality of time that we devote to our food are fundamental, as it is essential to know how to associate certain physical problems to bad eating habits and do not ever tie them to food called “intolerant”. Thanks to experts of Daphne Lab laboratories you can learn to relate with  food in a rational, fair, healthy, but also creative and fun way. Through personalized diets based on tests of intolerance and other specific and scrupolouse biotests that can draw a precise profile of the different nutritional needs of each organism, based on an own  profile.

Recognize food intolerances or allergies, know your mineralogram, or the state of their intestinal dysbiosis, is a sure road to a reversal of the eating habits and the discovery of a new horizon to the psycho-physical wellness. Within the site, in the individual sections, you can get more information about our services, our tests, on our personalized diets. Our experts will help you through competent and professional assistance to re-establish an approach and a healthy relationship with food, through a deeper awareness of your body and a correct understanding of your food intolerance

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