Appointed Elizabeth Portugal to promote the culture of BioMetaTests in Argentina and the United States

DAPHNE LAB® and FREEFARMA announce they have appointed Elizabeth Portugal to promote the culture of BioMetaTests in Argentina and the United States

Daphne Lab®, a leader in third-generation BioMetaTests™ since 2003, together with Free Farma, its exclusive distributor for Spain, have embarked on an exciting initiative to expand into the Argentine and U.S. markets. To develop a network of business alliances in these countries, Daphne Lab® and Free Farma have officially appointed Elizabeth Portugal as their representative.

Elizabeth Portugal has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. Since 2004, she has held managerial roles in various public and private organizations. She is currently the head of the nutritional service at CORI – Oncological Center – and the head of the nutritional service at the Aviat clinic. She has work experience in hospital and university settings.

In 2021, as a nutritionist, she decided to start studying and researching the gut and its related pathologies. Along this path, she joined interdisciplinary teams dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients, such as the team of Dr. Diego Kaen, president of the Argentine Association of Clinical Oncology, and Dr. Jorge Diconca, a renowned gastroenterologist.

Becoming increasingly interested in the care and prevention of patients suffering from intolerances and allergies, Elizabeth is enthusiastic about offering these innovative tests in Argentina and the United States, with the aim of improving the quality of life for many people through prevention.

DAPHNE LAB®’s BioMetaTests® offer an in-depth view of individual bioenergetic parameters through more than 40 different types of tests, allowing precise and timely identification of health conditions on a naturopathic and preventive medicine level. BioMetaTests® are based on a patented methodology with a validated reliability rate of 94%, from studies conducted by Italian Health Institutions and other scientific studies, providing detailed information that can guide conscious and personalized lifestyle choices.

After achieving excellent results in Spain, DAPHNE LAB® and FREE FARMA have decided to enter the Argentine market, and for this mission, they rely on the professional experience and deep knowledge of the healthcare sector of Elizabeth, whose passion for nutrition and leadership skills they greatly appreciate.

“This opportunity is positive for health in Argentina because it will allow us to save time in diagnosis, which is very valuable for prevention and treatment. It is a great challenge to demonstrate the importance and value of interdisciplinary teams, to ‘arrive together at the best treatment for each patient,'” stated Elizabeth.

“We feel privileged to add Elizabeth Portugal to the FREEFARMA team, a professional who shares the values and visions of our company, and who has a lot of experience to generate valuable alliances with motivation and commitment,” commented Gabriel Peláez, Founder of FREE FARMA.

“We are excited to bring BioMetaTests® to Argentina and collaborate with Elizabeth Portugal to promote personalized health in this country. Our cutting-edge technology is ready to make a significant contribution to the well-being of the Argentine community. After years of refining and working on new versions of BioMetaTests®, we have finally, together with Free Farma, found a partner who can introduce our innovative tests in Argentina. We know that the need for proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is essential for Argentine citizens, and that naturopathic medicine is widespread and rooted among the population. This initiative represents a significant step in spreading the Italian brand Daphne Lab® in new markets,” said Dr. Luigi Di Vaia, Founder of DAPHNE LAB®.

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