What is it?

By the term alopecia we mean a progressive loss of hair from the scalp and occurs in both men and women. Alopecia affects 80% men and 50% women, which is why it is known as androgenic alopecia. In men, it is characterized by progressive loss of terminal hair of the scalp, affecting the temples, vertex and mid frontal scalp, with the exception of the region above the ears. In women, however, it is characterized by hair thinning and involves the parietal and occipital areas of the scalp.
Alopecia barbae is a specific form of alopecia areata that affects the beard. Usually, it comes on suddenly and you begin losing beard hair in small circular patches. It often regresses spontaneously after a few months.


Alopecia can have multiple causes linked to hereditary factors, stress or hormonal alterations. The most common are:

  • an excess of DHT, a hormone harmful to the hair follicle imbalance of the immune system (white blood cells attack the cells of the follicles)
  • stress and nervous states
  • consequence of treatment and medication


A doctor may be able to diagnose alopecia areata simply by l by looking at the extent of the hair loss, follicles and scalp.
In some cases, a trichological examination, BioMetaTest trichologico, is carried out to evaluate the health of the hair.


Give preference to beef and chicken, shellfish, foods that contain taurine, an important amino acid that protects the hair bulb.
Integrate in the diet fresh organic fruit and vegetables, green tea, Arabica coffee (100%), red wine produced from organic grapes, cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil: all foods rich in polyphenols.
Avoid for at least 6 months: cold cuts, sausages, preserved meat, bran, sugar, refined flours, black tea, liqueurs, coffee blends.


In the case of mild alopecia, with few hair loss patches, the hair grows back within a few months or a year at most; in most serious cases, there is the possibility that the pathology will progress towards worsening
Very helpful are clutches with:

  • thyme essential oil;
  • rosemary essential oil;
  • essential lavender oil.

These are detoxifying essential oils which, by penetrating the skin, stimulate microcirculation. These remedies based on the use of essences allow hair to grow on healthy, well oxygenated skin.

They are also used:

  • CORTICOSTEROIDS for oral, topical or local injections

For the treatment of male androgenetic alopecia, drugs are essentially used: Finasteride (eg. Prostide, Proscar, Propecia, Sitas, Finerid).