Alliance in the Balkans for new food intolerance tests

Daphne Lab® and Vip Health, an alliance in the Balkans for new food intolerance tests.

A new partnership to enhance the marketing and knowledge of BioMetaTests. Not only nutritional intolerances, but more than 40 new tests.

Daphne Lab® is the leading company in the third generation BioMetaTest™ sector. With an innovative idea already realized in 1994. On the market since 2003, Daphne Lab® boasts MORE THAN 2,000 DEALERS (Daphne Points) worldwide. The non-invasive functional testing on hair and buccal or blood swab samples is based on a patented methodology that has a 94% REPEAT and RELIABILITY RATE, VALIDATED by Italian Health Authorities.

Daphne Lab® is pleased to formally announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with VIP HEALTH INTERNATIONAL and its associated PRO DIET NUTRITION DOOEL and POLIKLINIKA VIP HEALTH SH.P.K for the exclusive distribution of BioMetaTests ™ in the Balkans.

Vip Health International is actively working, through marketing initiatives and partnerships with professionals and important holistic associations, to promote and expand the awareness of the Daphne Lab® brand in all Balkan countries, spread the correct culture of Nutritional Intolerances, Mineralograms and Intestinal Dysbiosis tests and above all to explain the differences between allergy tests and many others not specific tests for nutritional intolerances.

In recent weeks, Vip Health International has organized various interviews with the most important media channels and a national conference attended by many professionals in the sector. These events were attended by dr. Luigi Di Vaia, founder of the technological systems of Daphne Lab®.

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The full interview with dr. Di Vaia Luigi on TV2000, the prestigious national television of the Balkans, can be viewed at this link